Enabling Full Fleet Connectivity with FirstNet, Fleet Complete, and Cradlepoint

First responders require solutions that help them quickly assess and address critical situations. Fleets need tools that respond to their command center and require an interconnected system of mobile resource management tools that enable full fleet connectivity during mission-critical occurrences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EMS first responders treat 25 – 30 million patients annually — spanning across remote territories and dense cities.

Limited communications can severely impact a fleet’s ability to respond to emergencies and ultimately lead to compromised security and reduced operational efficiency. Here’s how Fleet Complete’s integration with Cradlepoint delivers end-to-end connectivity to improve fleet safety and management.

Importance of Fleet Connectivity in a Crisis

Pervasive, uninterrupted connectivity is no longer a nice-to-have for government leaders and first responders. Key drivers that are influencing Police, Fire, EMS, and Government fleets to prioritize critical public safety communications include:

  • The public’s demand for more transparency and accountability—especially in the law and government sector.
  • Growing frequency and intensity of natural disasters, including fires and floods.
  • Major improvements to public sector infrastructure, such as cybersecurity, privacy, and cellular networks.
  • Greater adoption of cloud modernization tools like IoT devices and next-generation cell networks.

As first responders are looking to prioritize mission-critical communication, they are being met with unforeseen challenges. The pandemic reshaped workplaces and schools worldwide, causing data usage to grow by 47% as more people began using telehealth to consult doctors, eLearning for school, and remote work expanded.

As the public consumed more bandwidth, it became increasingly important that first responders have dedicated access to the tools and info they need without interruption. Despite that, it was found that only 48% of Police, Fire, and EMS fleets are currently using LTE cellular networks in their vehicles and connected devices, and 60% do not use a dedicated public safety network.

When asked what factors they look for when selecting an LTE-enabled technology for connectivity, reliability (85%), security (61%), and speed to deployment (44%) were the biggest factors.

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Considering responder agencies regularly use cellular to transmit information from the field to dispatch—including tablets, body cams, and MDTs—a dedicated network is essential. Any interruption that delays critical information from reaching its destination puts first responders, the public, and even property at risk.

When responders have access to full fleet connectivity, they can support the following mission-critical situations:

  • Install instant pop-up networks for medical testing stations
  • Conduct search-and-rescue operations using drones
  • Use live-streaming bodycams or thermal imaging video to monitor field operations and remotely command staff
  • Map the safest route to an incident using GPS
  • Securely transmit electronic patient care records and vital signs from ambulances to hospitals


How Fleet Complete and Cradlepoint Ensure Full Fleet Connectivity

1. Mission-Critical Connectivity

Fleet Complete Mobile, which is FirstNet Certified™, along with Cradlepoint’s integrated solution provides continuous visibility into the status of vehicle health, field team locations, fleet diagnostics, action reporting, and connectivity to the FirstNet network. Designed specifically for public safety agencies and emergency services, Fleet Complete Mobile and Cradlepoint are committed to providing a purpose-built dedicated network for public safety to power mission-critical connectivity.


Cradlepoint’s wireless edge solutions are equipped on the FirstNet network to power FirstNet Ready™ in-vehicle solutions. These in-vehicle devices provide metrics that publish data to the servers in real-time. These solutions funnel to a singular platform where fleet managers and command centers have access to full fleet connectivity.  With Fleet Complete Mobile and Cradlepoint, first responders have an end-to-end fleet management solution that provides mission-critical insight on fleet and in-field activities.

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2. Proof of Action and Scene Re-Creation

Mission-critical situations require situational awareness. Command centers and dispatchers need proof of action, rather than first-hand accounts, to re-create the chronological sequence of events onsite and determine the best course of action.


In-device telematics capture time, GPS location, behavioral data, and vehicle health metrics for all vehicles in the field. You can also use them to power scene re-creation by re-creating the chronological sequence of events onsite so command centers have full visibility when a mission-critical event occurs. Improve public safety and enhance situational awareness for your fleets.


3. Get Immediate Updates

Gather real-time insight into the health and safety of your vehicle with the enhanced telematics of Cradlepoint and Fleet Complete’s unified platform. Access Engine Control Modules (ECM) for vehicle health, dual-band WiFi for in-vehicle devices and video, and cloud management with full security stack.


Use this data to prioritize fleet assignments based on vehicle health and make immediate strategic decisions on vehicle formation and cut-off points.


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4. Quickly Call for Back-Up

Unfortunately, there are situations where lone workers, rescue teams, and other first responders in the field need to indicate distress or call for backup. By equipping teams with a small, lightweight personal tracker, command centers can help their teams gain an added level of safety during mission-critical events.

Responders can send an immediate request for assistance with a press of the button on the device and automatically alert the head office. The device is motion-sensitive and connected to a backend server via 2G/3G networks for remote monitoring so first responders can always be assured that back-up is on the way.

5. Connectivity with Added Security

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service offers a scalable and comprehensive security stack—including an integrated firewall, application visibility, location services, and direct internet access directly from your fleet. Fleet managers can have peace of mind while accessing secure, real-time updates from their in-vehicle telematics.


Achieve Mission-Critical Connectivity with Fleet Complete and Cradlepoint

Full fleet connectivity powers faster response times, higher safety, and overall efficiency for first responder teams.


As Chris Penrose, president of IoT Solutions at AT&T weighed in, “Think of the ability to quickly dispatch police cars and ambulances to the scene or get nearly instantaneous insight if a school bus breaks down. With this collaboration, first responders get a holistic solution that helps them stay better connected to their workers and vehicles while keeping us all safer.”


The collaboration between FirstNet, Built with AT&T, Fleet Complete, and Cradlepoint creates a fully-integrated end-to-end fleet management solution to achieve full fleet connectivity. First responders and fleet managers now have a comprehensive view of fleet operations and key vehicle information that is improving safety and communications, increasing situational awareness, cutting costs, and shortening response times. Transform your emergency response by connecting first responders—and those that support them—with an unprecedented, connected approach to saving lives.


To learn more about how Fleet Complete can power your mission-critical connectivity, request a Fleet Complete for FirstNet demo today.

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