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Cutting-Edge Telematics to Better Protect and Manage Your Fleet

GPS Fleet and Asset Trackers

Real-time GPS asset tracking software to locate, protect, optimize your fleet and heavy-duty equipment.

Cost-effective auxiliary equipment usage tracking that increases visibility regarding up-to-date onsite activity.

Automatically record drivers’ hours of service and fleet operational status and receive data that meets ELD legislation.

A user-friendly fleet inspection app for drivers to inspect their vehicles, with the option to notify a mechanic or fleet manager about any defects or issues pertaining to the vehicles.

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Construction Fleet Safety Solutions to Deliver Results

Track Equipment and Prevent Theft

  • Install GPS-powered tracking devices to protect your fleet assets.
  • Monitor inventory onsite or in transit, and enjoy a better recovery rate of stolen equipment by taking immediate action in emergencies.


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Identify High-Risk Drivers

  • Deploy state-of-the-art, AI-powered telematics to gain real-time visibility on driver behaviors such as speeding, idling, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration.
  • Gain insights and correct adverse driving behavior before it affects your business.


Explore FC Vision for driver safety solutions

Improve Visibility and Reduce Costs

  • Reduce downtime with time lapse video retrieval and review hours of video footage in minutes.
  • Streamline accident reconstruction and driver exoneration, while also saving your business time and unnecessary legal and insurance expenses.


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Manage Your Fleet Management Needs with Real-Time Insights

Adopt a smarter way to work. Harness the power of AI to optimize fleet management and ensure schedule and budget compliance.

Increase Productivity

Real-time insights to help you monitor vehicle utilization, cut idling time, and eliminate inefficient performance.

Reduce Fuel Expenses

Advanced algorithms for optimizing vehicle routes, minimizing excess mileage, and identifying wasteful driving behaviors.

Streamline Communication

Instant communication between field staff and dispatch operations that leads to greater fleet productivity.

Simplify Preventative Maintenance

User-friendly equipment inspection and defect logging app that identifies potential issues and lowers maintenance costs.

Improve Customer Service

Real-time information on the locations and activities of fleets and assets to enhance customer relationships and ensure repeat business.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Award-winning electronic logging device (ELD) that meets Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Transport Canada standards.

Enhance Safety Measures

Monitor assets in the field via real-time tracking and tamper alerts to maximize asset utilization and increase your fleet's protection.

Mitigate Risks

Review and act on high-risk driving behaviors and equipment issues before they impact your business.

Simplified Installation and Setup

Enjoy complimentary technical support and training to get the most out of our solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction fleet management software is a specialized tool designed to manage and optimize the operations of construction vehicles and equipment. It includes features for tracking and monitoring equipment usage, scheduling maintenance, managing fuel consumption, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. This software helps construction companies improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of their vehicles and machinery.

Fleet management is crucial for maximizing the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of construction fleets. It helps reduce operational costs by optimizing fuel use, ensuring timely maintenance, and improving asset utilization. Fleet management also enhances safety by monitoring driver behavior and maintaining compliance with regulations. By providing real-time data and insights, it enables better decision-making, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime on construction sites.

Construction fleet management offers numerous benefits, including improved operational efficiency through better scheduling and resource allocation. It reduces costs by optimizing fuel consumption, minimizing downtime, and extending equipment lifespan through proactive maintenance. Additionally, it enhances safety by monitoring driver behavior and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Real-time tracking and data analytics provide valuable insights, enabling construction companies to make informed decisions and improve overall project performance.

In a highly competitive market, construction companies are faced with higher client expectations, tighter contract margins, and tight deadlines to secure business. Efficiency, cost effectiveness and timeliness on a project become crucial to remaining profitable. Our platform will help you improve planning and budgeting, meet key deadlines, operate leaner and expand your project pipeline.

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