Fleet Complete Integrated Solution for Ford

Engineered to deliver enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.

Empowering Ford Fleet Management with OEM Integrated Solution

Fleet Complete for Ford vehicles is a web-based fleet management solution that is available on a variety of Ford vehicles. With easy on-boarding and rapid activation, enjoy zero hardware installation and downtime.

Get complete visibility of your fleet’s performance with real-time data and connected fleet intelligence, powered by Ford and Fleet Complete. 

Gain the competitive advantage you have been looking for.

Features Built for Efficiency

Scalable with Your Fleet

Pay only for what you need. Fleet Complete’s versatile platform allows customers to tailor what they want — how they want it.

Leverage connectivity already in your Ford vehicle to provide visibility on the fleet’s performance in near-real-time.


Easily collect and analyze in-field data with high-end connectivity from sensors, GPS trackers, and mobile applications.

Fleet Complete provides a holistic cloud platform that connects a business’s entire fleet on one simple interface. Do more with the same number of resources by using the platform to your advantage.

Powerful Reporting at Your Fingertips

Discover opportunities to decrease expenses and improve productivity with operational reports that can be run on-demand or scheduled to be sent to specific team members regularly.

Vehicle location and tracking

Easily view how, when and where assets are being used to maximize efficiency with Ford fleet tracking.

Powerful safety analytics

Easily identify risky driving behavior to improve driver’s safety and longevity of vehicle fleets.

Distance travelled report

Create optimized routes and delivery schedules to save on fuel costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Idling and stop reports

Get insights into vehicle idle times to improve driving habits, fuel costs, and asset health.

POI report

Know when an asset arrives and departs from key locations.

Trip report

Make smarter business decisions with insights into trip lengths, fuel levels of each trip and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Complete for Ford vehicles is a web-based fleet management solution that is available on a variety of Ford vehicles. With easy onboarding and rapid activation, there are no hardware costs or device installation required.

Your Ford automobile effortlessly integrates with our cloud-based FC platform. Fleet Complete’s OEM-integrated solutions establish direct connections to a Ford vehicle’s OBD port or onboard systems, delivering real-time insights into performance, location, and driver behavior. The OEM telematics device seamlessly installs during manufacturing, collecting telematics data compatible with various Ford vehicle models and other automotive manufacturers. This provides fleet managers with complete connectivity and visibility of their mixed fleet operations, without any hardware fees or installation complexities.

The cost of Ford OEM solutions will vary based on factors such as the number of vehicles, features/customizations needed, and chosen provider. Typically offered through a subscription model, prices may scale with fleet size and desired functionalities. Additional costs may apply for platform customization, integration, and support services. To get an accurate quote based on your fleet’s needs, we recommend you contact an FC expert for more information.

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