Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Powered by FC BigRoad, our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a robust and easy-to-use ELD compliance solution for engine-connected logs. Manage risks seamlessly and proactively. 

Navigate Your Fleet With Real-Time Accuracy

Team driving

FC BigRoad allows you to assign drivers to teams, vehicles, roles, as well as reassigning drive time between team members. Protect your fleet from potential violations and citations and increase fleet productivity. Stay productive and compliant at all times. Available in US and Canada.

CDN sleeper berth

FC BigRoad supports Canadian ELD split sleeper berth rules for single and team drivers for Canada North of 60 (60°N) and South of 60 (60°S) cycles. Drivers can benefit from splitting off-duty time using sleeper berth on all federal Canadian cycles.

CDN off-duty deferral

FC BigRoad supports Canadian ELD off-duty deferral requirements. This new feature allows drivers to defer up to 2 hours of off-duty time to the next day, so those hours can be utilized for driving on the current day. This adds to driver and fleet productivity while keeping driver logs compliant as per the Canadian ELD regulations.

CDN cycle & jurisdiction enhancements

Reflecting all Canadian Federal Cycle, and Jurisdiction changes, FC BigRoad supports fleets operating within Canada or cross-border. Switch between US and Canadian cycles, while calculating drive/on-duty and off-duty time accurately.

CDN personal use & yard move

Ensure full compliance with Canadian personal use and Yard Move regulations. FC BigRoad ELD supports a daily personal use limit of 75 kms as well as yard move vehicle speed limit of 32 km/h.

Roadside inspection & output files

Ensure compliance with Canadian ELD output file requirements and roadside inspections. Drivers get complete support when stopped at a roadside inspection or asked to transfer RODS to Transport Canada safety officials.

#1 Electronic logging device

FC BigRoad is the drivers’ champion! It was the winner of the 2017 North American Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award and continues to be a solution that drivers and fleets love.

Mobile app that drivers love

Our ELD BigRoad Mobile App is your driver’s safety and compliance manager. It automates the record of duty logbooks by tapping into vehicle’s ECM data to capture engine power, vehicle motion status, miles driven and engine hours, as required by the FMCSA.

Pass with flying colors

Roadside inspections can be time-consuming, delay loads, and impact time-sensitive cargo. With automated Hours of Service logs, you can present clean and accurate reports to the DOT Inspector and have access to all critical information at a touch of a screen.

Editable electronic logs

The logs are not set in stone and leave room for changes to accommodate unforeseeable events like bad weather conditions or traffic. Drivers can easily edit logs or violation warnings in the app with specific reason codes.

Fast vehicle inspections

Required to be completed before, during, and after the trip, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) may be cumbersome. required before, during and after the trip. Speed up the process by logging all minor and major defects straight within the app and easily notify managers of needed maintenance.

Send your logs to others

There are times when you will be required to send your logbook report to the inspector or manager. Not a problem! You can easily share logs between the FC BigRoad mobile app and other apps on your smartphone or tablet, such as email, printer, or Dropbox.

Violation alerts

FC BigRoad app is configured to alert the drivers of upcoming violations so that they can take appropriate action when needed.

Driver safety

The ELD is meant to prevent on-road fatigue that comes from driving long hours without breaks, ultimately increasing the safety of your drivers and that of others on the road.

Manage financial risks

Avoid hefty FMCSA fines and penalties. Be audit ready at all times. Get the most accurate IFTA reporting for tax breaks.

Powering High-Performing Fleets Across All Industries

Hours of Service Made Simple

FC BigRoad ELD application, specifically designed for compliance needs, like driver’s Hours of Services. ​
Easy-to-use driver applications – keeping your drivers safer, engaged, and more productive.
Integrate all of your fleet solutions into one dashboard, FC Hub, and experience intuitive, customizable reports.
Proactively target and understand the roadside risks that lead to fines during inspections and overall fleet compliance.
FC BigRoad ELD driver app integrates with FC Hub using fleet tracking devices certified for use in the USA and Canada.
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What FC Customers Are Saying

“Knowing where our trucks or machinery are located helps me plan and coordinate our daily routes/jobs for employees. In emergency cases, knowing where everything is at the touch of a button is very crucial.”
“I use this every hour of the workday. One of my job functions is to keep our drivers productive and Fleet Complete lets me see where they are, when they'll be done and ready to move on to their next job.”
“Easy to use, impressive data collection. Saves time and money with FBT and maintenance.”
“The best move you can make to protect your fleet. It has saved us a ton of money in potential lost and stolen equipment and vehicles and time.”
I have been impressed with the overall reliability and effectiveness of the program. I am able to log my drivers performance as well as receive alerts as to whether each vehicle is in need of an oil change.
There is no better asset tracking option available for the money. Great customer service. Fleet Complete allows me to manage my fleet from anywhere. We have been able to recover many stolen vehicles and assets by using Fleet Complete

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Frequently Asked Questions

By providing real-time insights, optimizing routes, and eliminating fuel-inefficient driving habits.
Yes, Fleet Complete’s GPS Fleet Tracker delivers instant and accurate GPS tracking for all your vehicles.
Although Fleet Complete offers an all-in-one solution, our software integrates with dozens of other programs to fully support your business and its needs. So, from supply chain visibility to fleet asset management, you can have full control in whatever way works for you.Fleet Complete also offers a developer API completely free of charge, so you can integrate the platform with other systems you might use to manage your fleet.
Certainly! Our tech experts are at your service to ensure you harness the full potential of Fleet Complete’s GPS Fleet Tracker.

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