Fleet Complete Integrated Solution for Stellantis OEM

A simple, consolidated platform to maximize your Stellantis fleet management.

Powerful Stellantis Fleet Management with OEM Integrated Solution

Fleet Complete’s advanced OEM integrations, in collaboration with Stellantis connected vehicles, offers you a complete connectivity. One cloud-based platform, valuable fleet and driver insights in real-time, with an easy-to-use interface.
  1. Features built for efficiency: This includes Integrated fleet management – connected to the platform for real-time, insightful data.

  2. No additional hardware or installation required: Embedded OEM telematics eliminates the hassle for after-market device installations and vehicle downtime.

  3. Save time for monitoring and diagnostics: Get immediate access to fleet insights, including fleet benchmarking, tire pressure monitoring warnings, and more.

Key Features

The Fleet Complete Benefits with Stellantis Fleet Management Solutions

Superior Connectivity

With Stellantis OEM data support, unlock greater possibilities to implement advanced software and analytical tools to work quickly and efficiently.
Fully customizable to your specific needs. If your needs or requirements change, so will the solution.
Save costs by receiving real-time insights into vehicle health and performance, optimized routes, and driver behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Complete’s advanced OEM integrations, in collaboration with Stellantis connected vehicles, offer complete connectivity. Vehicles of Stellantis brands including Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep, can integrate with Fleet Complete’s end-to-end fleet management platform. Fleets leveraging Stellantis OEM integrated solutions can access advanced fleet and driver insights and improve expandability as their business grows.

The cost of Stellantis OEM solutions will vary based on factors such as the number of vehicles, features/customizations needed, and chosen provider. Typically offered through a subscription model, prices may scale with fleet size and desired functionalities. Additional costs may apply for platform customization, integration, and support services. To get an accurate quote based on your fleet’s needs, we recommend you contact an FC expert for more information.

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