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Optimize your entire fleet operations with GPS fleet tracking and telematics. Fleet Complete empowers fleet managers to operate at their fullest potential.

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Connected Fleet Solutions That Go Far Beyond Simply GPS Fleet Tracking

Get Real-Time Visibility Across All Your Physical Operations

  1. Access real-time updates and data-driven insights on one connected FC platform.
  2. Generate custom reports to track KPIs, including idling time, fuel consumption, utilization, and unsafe driving behaviors.
  3. Schedule maintenance based on manufacturer recommendations to reduce major repairs and minimize downtime.
  1. Customize geofence perimeters around locations and automate notifications to customers and teams, like proof of delivery.
  2. Enhance fleet safety, streamline operations and ROI with complete connectivity to driver behavior and vehicle health.
  3. Prevent vehicle wear and tear and driver downtime by proactively alerting drivers to impending accidents.
  1. Monitor asset health, utilization rate, and maintenance history to maximize your fleet’s resources.
  2. Identify and mitigate risk factors that lead to depreciation like speeding, harsh braking, idling, and more.
  3. Prevent wear and tear, decrease maintenance costs, and boost the average lifespan of your vehicles and assets.
  1. Leverage real-time video, vehicle data and AI technology to detect risky behaviors such as aggressive and distracted driving.
  2. Coach drivers according to your fleet’s needs as you configure safety rules and events, while also filtering by violations.
  3. Prevent vehicle wear and tear and driver downtime by capturing unsafe driving events and alerting drivers to impending accidents.

It all starts with quality data and one reliable tracking device

With our simple “out-of-the-box” installation, easy activation and rapid reporting, you’ll notice the difference when managing your fleet with FC’s reliable GPS fleet tracking. With Fleet Complete, you can see your fleet data be transformed into actionable insights. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about not only the efficiency of your fleet — but its safety and compliance.


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The Next Generation in Mixed Fleet Management: OEM Integrated Solutions

Skip the hardware and leverage the cloud-based embedded telematics with Fleet Complete’s industry-leading OEM partnerships. Seamless mixed fleet management through a single, integrated solution.

Ford OEM Integrations

Fleet Complete for Ford vehicles is a web-based fleet management solution that is available on a variety of Ford vehicles. 


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Fleet Complete for GM is a web-based fleet management solution that runs on a variety of OnStar-equipped GM vehicles (Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac). 


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Rapidly scale your Stellantis fleet with Fleet Complete’s advanced OEM integrations for connected vehicles, including Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, and more. 


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You’re In Good Company

With over 20 years of industry experience supporting fleet managers globally, Fleet Complete has the knowledge and expertise to optimize your fleet operations — helping your team and your organization thrive. Through an intuitive platform, next-gen solutions, and customizable reports, Fleet Complete positions your fleet for sustained growth as your business and industry needs change.
“Knowing where our trucks or machinery are located helps me plan and coordinate our daily routes/jobs for employees. In emergency cases, knowing where everything is at the touch of a button is very crucial.”
“I use this every hour of the workday. One of my job functions is to keep our drivers productive and Fleet Complete lets me see where they are, when they'll be done and ready to move on to their next job.”
“Easy to use, impressive data collection. Saves time and money with FBT and maintenance.”
“The best move you can make to protect your fleet. It has saved us a ton of money in potential lost and stolen equipment and vehicles and time.”
I have been impressed with the overall reliability and effectiveness of the program. I am able to log my drivers performance as well as receive alerts as to whether each vehicle is in need of an oil change.
There is no better asset tracking option available for the money. Great customer service. Fleet Complete allows me to manage my fleet from anywhere. We have been able to recover many stolen vehicles and assets by using Fleet Complete

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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor and manage your vehicles in real-time. By using a GPS tracking system, you can see the location and status of your vehicles at any time. Your vehicles’ GPS trackers communicate with satellites to send the vehicle’s location to our cloud-based software, which gives you complete visibility of your fleet. With real-time data reflected in the fleet management platform, you’ll gain accurate insights on vehicle location and performance. You can proactively identify opportunities to operate a safer and more efficient fleet. Fleet tracking technologies help you streamline operations that benefit your driver safety, customer success, and your business’ bottom line.

The fleet management benefits of using GPS fleet tracking solutions include:
1. Reduced fuel costs: GPS fleet tracking not only offers you complete visibility of your fleet in real-time. You’ll also gain insight into your drivers’ driving behavior, which can significantly reduce your fuel costs. A major contributor to fuel usage is how your drivers operate the vehicle. With fleet tracking, you’ll be notified of inefficient or aggressive driving, including speeding and harsh braking. You can then remind drivers of ways to reduce fuel consumption through more economical driving behavior.


2. Improved customer service: GPS fleet tracking can significantly improve your customer service, which can enhance your brand’s reputation. By knowing a vehicle’s location, you can provide real-time location updates to your customers, so they know when they can expect the driver or delivery to arrive. Should an unexpected delay occur, you can notify customers immediately and offer a solution, showing your commitment to quality customer service.


3. Increased productivity: GPS fleet tracking can supply you with the data and insight you need for increased productivity. By monitoring your fleet’s activity in real time, you can make informed decisions and improvements to your operations. You can analyze road conditions and optimize driver routes, fuel consumption, and overall costs. You can also monitor engine status and unnecessary idling. Idling reports can inform driver coaching, so you can encourage drivers to turn off their engines during breaks or periods of congested traffic.


4. Reduced theft and loss: GPS fleet trackers can significantly reduce vehicle theft and financial loss for your business. With real-time tracking, you’ll know the exact location of each vehicle in your fleet. Should theft or unauthorized use occur, you can act immediately to identify the vehicle and recover it, saving you time and money.


5. Improved safety: We understand how important driver safety is to fleet managers. GPS fleet tracking will give you complete oversight of driver behavior – you’ll know if a driver is speeding or braking too harshly. With this insight, you can take action to improve driver safety and reward staff for safe driving.

Pricing may vary depending on your fleet size, operations and your reporting needs. To learn more, please refer to our software packages or contact a Fleet Complete expert here for the most accurate insights.

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