Powering Best-In-Class Visibility with AI Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

Enhance your fleet and driver safety program with FC Vision, an industry-leading AI-powered fleet dash cam solution. Get complete visibility and detect unsafe driving behaviors and external factors that put your fleet drivers and operations at risk.

Key Features & Benefits

Complete visibility

FC Vision’s dual-facing AI dash cam solution offers live streamed views of events in-cab and on the road. Monitor and coach driver behavior in real-time and configure safety rules to detect high risk-driving behaviors.

AI-powered technology

Machine learning helps to identify high-risk driving behaviors. Configure safety rules and receive notifications throughout routes and stay informed of critical factors that put your drivers and fleet at risk.

Critical event detection

Use video recordings as evidence to help police or insurance investigators, which could reduce your liability and legal fees.

Personalize your driver coaching

Tailor and personalize your driver feedback with automated in-cab coaching, live streaming, and safety scorecards.

Reduced costs

Mitigate risk and accident-related costs, by lowering insurance premiums and minimizing vehicle wear and tear.

Data encryption

Data is end-to-end encrypted to protect your fleet insights and your drivers’ personal information.

Powering High-Performing Fleets Across All Industries

Protect Your Drivers and Your Profits with AI Dash Cams

Machine learning helps you monitor unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, rolling stops, harsh braking, distracted driving, and mobile phone use. Promote driver safety and retain talent with gamification features and data-driven recognition programs.

A Simple Solution For Sustained Fleet Safety

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Activate FC Vision Within Minutes

Get smart fleet dash camera systems online and connected in minutes with Fleet Complete’s plug-and-play installation.

1Install FC Vision device in your vehicle.

2Connects automatically to the cloud.

3View your dashboard reports in real-time, & so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional dash cams, AI dash cams use real-time vehicle data, computer vision, and machine learning to capture essential high-definition video evidence in the event of collisions or insurance disputes, along with several advanced benefits:


  • Reducing risky driving behaviors, like cell phone use, tailgating, and driver fatigue. 
  • Effectively improving driver performance with coaching tools. 
  • Enhancing your reputation in safety, helping attract and recognize top talent. 
  • Minimizing vehicle wear and tear as a result improved driving behavior. 

The short answer is no, dash cams shouldn’t drain your vehicle’s battery. They’re designed to operate efficiently with battery-saving features such as low-power mode to minimize energy use. For example, Fleet Complete’s AI dash camera will only start recording when the vehicle’s engine is on, to avoid unnecessary battery usage. Energy efficient features like Standby Recording, allow users to capture up to ten minutes of video footage after the ignition is off. This helps to document proof of delivery while preserving battery life.

Yes, some cameras do offer this feature. FC Vision users can access live streaming footage while drivers are completing their routes. This enhances admin/driver connectivity – providing opportunities for real-time driver coaching and route optimization.

Discover Fleet Complete in Action​

With our simple “out-of-the-box” installation, partner integrations, and rapid reporting, you’ll notice the difference when managing your fleet with Fleet Complete’s connected fleet management solutions. Capture actionable insights in real-time and boost fleet efficiency, safety, compliance, and sustainability.

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