Oil, Gas and Mining Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet intelligence in a single connected platform
Harness key data insights on fleet vehicles and equipment to optimize efficiency and improve safety in oil, gas, and mining operations.

Tailored Solutions To Deliver Results For Your Oil, Gas and Mining Fleet Operations

Stay informed about field activities with an intuitive telematics solution operating in rugged and remote areas. Expand the capabilities of your fleet management software using accessories that meet the special considerations of the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Radio Frequency Switch

Prevent disruptions at well sites by temporarily turning off the vehicle’s GPS tracking device. Automatically update location upon reactivation.
Quickly identify the driver of a vehicle at any given time and secure fleet vehicles against unauthorized use.
Transmit emergency alerts to dispatch via a dashboard-installed, easily accessible emergency button.
Activate and transmit an emergency alarm for workers away from their vehicles while on the job.

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Track Your High-Value Industry Assets

Increase Asset Visibility

Create geofences and receive alerts regarding when and where your assets are being used.


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Gain insights into operations and identify cost efficiencies with timestamped reports.


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Activate motion sensors to detect change in light, humidity, temperature, and more – and prevent damage before it occurs.


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Integrated Solutions for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry

Streamline Operations

  • Boost operational efficiencies for your entire oil, gas and mining fleet with an all-in-one connected platform.
  • Record actionable data using GPS technology and review insights in real-time to make informed business decisions.

Cutting-Edge Telematics

  • Secure your equipment with Asset Tracker AT1, one of the smallest and most cost-effective equipment trackers available. Instantly locate and monitor the status of machinery, equipment, tools, and toolboxes directly from your smartphone.
  • Utilize the LTE-M network for enhanced status transmissions and extended battery life.

Safeguard Your Job Sites

  • In-vehicle emergency buttons, an enhanced push-to-talk mobile communication add-on, and personal trackers assist you in monitoring the well-being of your remote workers.
  • Utilize the Iridium Satellite network to send and receive data with a latency of 20 seconds and conference with crews whenever necessary.

Manage Costs and Productivity

  • Analyze critical fleet telematics data related to field vehicles to identify cost-saving opportunities and eliminate downtime.
  • Maintain optimal fleet conditions in rugged environments and across all types of climates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on transportation for operations, making fleet management crucial. Fleet management helps optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. It also enhances asset utilization, reduces downtime, and improves overall operational efficiency. In this high-risk industry, fleet management plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of drivers and the public, as well as protecting valuable assets. 

Fleet Complete offers comprehensive solutions to support fleet managers in the oil, gas, and mining industries. Their tools include GPS tracking, route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and driver behavior monitoring. These features help fleet managers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. Fleet Complete also provides real-time data and analytics, enabling informed decision-making and proactive management of fleet operations.

Fleet management involves various tasks, including vehicle acquisition, maintenance, fuel management, driver management, and compliance with regulations. It also includes route planning, dispatching, and monitoring vehicle performance. Fleet managers use technology such as GPS tracking and video telematics to gather data and optimize their fleet safety and operations.

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