Courier and Delivery Fleet Management Solutions

A customizable, all-in-one platform to boost efficiency
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Advanced courier and delivery fleet management solutions that simplify safety, compliance, and risk management.

Leverage Connected & Intelligent Delivery Fleet Management Solutions

Experience real-time visibility over your fleet location and vehicle diagnostics data with state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking solutions and one unified, cloud-based FC Platform. 

Industry-Leading Courier and Delivery Fleet Management Software

Experience Fleet Complete’s cutting-edge telematics and last mile logistics, fleet, asset and mobile workforce solutions. Easily track and manage your vehicles, mobile workers, and optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform. Offer unmatched customer service with complete visibility.

Manage Every Type of Service

  • Smart Routing: Make real-time adjustments to live routes as new orders are received.
  • Optimized Distribution: Automatically optimize distribution routes and reorganize stops as your capacity changes.
  • On-Demand: Enter orders instantly with an intuitive order entry system.
  • Dispatch Zones: Automatically assign work by geographical regions for packages, distribution routes, and drivers.
  • Route Templates: Capture orders or stops that are repeated regularly or based on a predetermined schedule.
  • Distribution and Route Planning: Map assignment of stops or order on route instance to separate drivers.
  • Client and Driver Rate Charts: Create multiple charts to accommodate a variety of different pricing and pay structures using a variety of rules and conditions.
  • Automated Settlements: Multi-filter capabilities enable you to generate settlements by logical groupings.
  • Fuel Cost Matrices: Leverage the fuel cost matrix to address the impact of fluctuating fuel prices on driver pay and client fuel charges.
  • Resource Certifications: Capture customizable certifications and licenses to each driver record with notifications upon expiry.
  • Suggested Resource: Streamline your dispatch process with ability to see drivers most suitable for the pending job.
  • Settlements: Establish configurable settlement options including defining how often it is generated, the output format, revenue amounts, and/or deductions.

Discover the Fleet Complete Advantage

Robust Route Management

  • Save time creating complex multi-leg routes and auto-assign to drivers.
  • Build route templates and define dispatch zoning conditions and driver certification.

Sophisticated Billing & Pricing Modules

  • Automate complex billing, settlements, and taxing processes.
  • Configure multiple conditions based on zoning, service categories, and other elements.

Bring Your Own

  • Equip your drivers with our dispatch mobile application on their phones.
  • Instantly process orders, update order status, capture signatures, and package barcodes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery fleet management involves the coordination and optimization of vehicles and drivers involved in the delivery of goods. It includes tasks such as route planning, vehicle tracking, driver management, and customer communication. The goal of delivery fleet management is to ensure timely and efficient deliveries while minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Delivery fleet management helps to improve delivery times, reduce fuel costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. By optimizing routes and schedules, fleet managers can reduce unnecessary mileage and improve overall efficiency. Real-time tracking allows for better monitoring of deliveries and provides customers with accurate delivery times. Additionally, fleet management helps improve driver safety and compliance with regulations.

Key challenges in delivery fleet management include optimizing routes to minimize delivery times and fuel costs, managing a large number of vehicles and drivers, and ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. Other challenges include driver safety, vehicle maintenance, and compliance with regulations. Effective fleet management solutions can help address these challenges and improve overall fleet performance.

Delivery fleet management software provides tools for route optimization, real-time tracking, driver communication, and performance monitoring. It helps fleet managers plan and manage deliveries more efficiently, leading to cost savings and improved customer service. The software can also generate reports and analytics to help identify areas for improvement and optimize delivery operations. 

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