R Courier Boosting Productivity and Revenue with 95% Paperless and Time-Efficient Operations

• Fleet Size:

Fleet of 150 vehicles

• Regions:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

• Vehicle Type:

Light-duty and medium-duty vehicles

About the company

R Courier is a Toronto-based medical courier company providing delivery services locally, nationally and internationally for the past 24 years. The company’s distinguishing factor in the field is its high reliability in fast and dependable deliveries of medical samples to diagnostic laboratories. R Courier’s competitive edge and success in the niche stems from the owner’s own background as a courier driver, who saw the gap in the industry of time-sensitive medical deliveries. As a result, in 1991, he founded a company with the objective to provide its customers with a diligent and cost efficient courier service. Its fleet accounts for 150 vehicles, from small cars to trucks, with plans to expand due to high demand and the company’s success.


What They Were Looking For

The medical field is capricious when it comes to time and temperature sensitive samples that require precision and consistency in delivery to diagnostic labs. On the flip side, this creates a great demand in the market for couriers that can deliver consistently on time and demonstrate dedication to high-quality service and specimen handling procedures.


With the goal to establish a reputable, professional and customer-oriented business that is always on time, R Courier’s owner was initially facing a number of salient challenges, aiming for optimal dispatching, driving and cost efficiencies coupled with impeccable customer service. Not delivering to high standards meant the loss of contract with clients.


Fleet Tracker with customized dashboard implemented

R Courier started with Fleet Complete in 2007, looking for a solution to track courier distances, courier waiting times and to provide customers with proof of delivery. Due to the specificity of the company’s business and goals, Fleet Complete allocated a dedicated resource to handle all administrative issues and provided software tailored to R Courier’s business needs.


“Due to courier demand, we needed a reliable solution to track our expanding team. The Fleet Complete platform helps a dispatcher choose the most qualified courier for a specific call, so that the parcel is on time for its pickup and delivery” says Hamid Zeighami, CEO of R-Courier.


With 15 active devices and a customized dashboard for scheduled routes, dispatchers are able to track drivers and provide clients with the delivery status, estimated time of arrival and how many samples will be delivered, so that the client can deploy enough staff for pick up.

In addition, Fleet Complete facilitated 95% paperless operations with automated route sheets, digital reporting for both clients and the owner, and electronic billing and invoicing.


Boosted workload capacity and revenue, and 95% paperless and time efficient operations


Due to the high volume of time-sensitive packages, R Courier operates with continuous intensity on a daily basis. With the Fleet Complete comprehensive all-in-one platform, the dispatch team is able to easily monitor the real-time location of every single driver without the need to check in and quickly send the best-qualified courier to the job, establishing driving efficiency for routes to multiple clinics when necessary. With the GPS time stamp, drivers are able to provide proof of delivery, which also helps with any inquiries from the client side.


With the electronic billing system in place, clients automatically receive invoices based on time spent driving and, thanks to the route efficacy, clients see immediate value for money. Optimal route management thus attributes to saving time, fuel and money for both, the company and its clients.


Due to the facilitated operational efficiency, the company is able to add more workload with the same number of resources, boosting revenue and continuously beating the competition. R Courier is currently replacing local courier competitors in Vancouver, Calgary and Sacramento due to its solid reputation, well-trained staff and great customer service.

Client Review

Due to courier demand, we needed something affiant to track our growing courier team. The Fleet Complete platform helps a dispatcher choose the best-qualified courier for a specific call, so that the parcel is on time for its pickup and delivery.

Hamid Zeighami

CEO of R Courier

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