Transportation and Logistics Fleet Management Solutions

A customizable, all-in-one platform to boost efficiency
and drive results

Advanced transportation and logistics fleet management solutions that simplify safety, compliance, and risk management.

Connected Fleet Intelligence for Transportation Safety and Scalability

Explore connected fleet intelligence with cutting-edge, intuitive  telematics. Get complete visibility into your operations while maximizing ROI.

Real-time Fleet Tracking

Make informed business decisions using insightful data and the real-time locations of fleet vehicles and assets.

Ignition Status

Receive accurate trip duration and idling time data using a tracker directly connected to the vehicle's power supply.


Efficiently detect when a vehicle exits a designated area and oversee the gathering of assets at one or multiple locations.

Maintenance Module

Maintain optimal fleet health and minimize downtime by scheduling reminders for maintenance and repairs.

Rapid and Customizable Reports

Stay up-to-date on asset activity, distance, idle, speed, and unsafe driver behaviors with comprehensive reports.

Easy Installation and Configuration

With plug-and-play installation, seamless integrations, personalized solutions, and white glove support, you can operate at your fullest potential.

Powerful, Integrated Fleet Management Solutions for Long-Term Success

Optimal Fleet Visibility

View your entire fleet on one screen. Provide your dispatchers and fleet managers with a platform, where they can see real-time vehicle location, every route taken, load, delivery details, and more.


Discover Fleet Efficiency Solutions

Unlock the latest tools for implementing and monitoring safe driving behavior. Provide real-time feedback for driver coaching and protect your drivers, vehicles, and other road users.


Discover Fleet Safety Solutions

Manage your fleet’s regulatory and compliance reporting in one unified FC platform, with real-time data from fleet tracking and driver apps.


Discover Fleet Compliance Solutions

Avoid cargo negligence and ensure your load distribution is optimal. Know the capacity of your trailers with our sensor technology and ensure proper temperature and humidity conditions.


Discover Fleet Complete’s Platform

Real-Time Insights That Make Fleet Management Easy

Streamline your business operations using data-driven decisions. Custom integrations for better vehicle utilization, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Compliance Made Simple

Automate the recording of duty logbooks for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance regulations.

Seamless Regulations Success

Integrated Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)-compliant sensor solutions that effortlessly meet shipper and broker requirements.

Intelligent Data and Limitless Reporting

Smart information for optimizing transport fleets and completing International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) distance reporting.

Drive Fuel Savings Forward

Advanced algorithms to improve vehicle routes, minimize excess mileage, and identify wasteful driving behaviors.

Safety First Commitment

Review AI-driven video event-recording software to increase driver safety, deliver
in-vehicle coaching, and lower insurance premiums.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Accurately monitor fleet deliveries and provide the best in customer service using Point of Interest (POI) geofencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet compliance is the process your business takes to make sure your fleet of vehicles complies with regulations, policies, and standards. This not only applies to your vehicles but your drivers as well, both of which must adhere to strict guidelines at all times, from maintenance and emissions, to qualifications and responsible driving.


Compliance regulations are in place to reduce risks and increase the safety of employees, customers, the public, vehicles, and cargo. It also ensures you’re efficient and productive, which saves you money and helps you avoid fines and penalties.


Fleet compliance can be a complex subject that requires diligent care and attention. If your fleet is found to be in breach of regulations, you risk fines, prosecutions, and irreparable damage to your reputation. Here at Fleet Complete, we offer a complete and simple solution to ensure your fleet remains compliant.

Fleet management encompasses the administration of a company’s vehicle fleet. It involves vehicle acquisition, maintenance, fuel management, driver management, and compliance with regulations. The goal is to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and ensure the safety and productivity of both vehicles and drivers. Fleet management solutions often include telematics, GPS tracking, and data analytics to provide real-time insights and optimize fleet performance.

Fleet management focuses on the overall administration and optimization of a vehicle fleet, including maintenance, driver management, and compliance. Logistics, on the other hand, encompasses the broader process of planning and executing the movement of goods from origin to destination. While fleet management is a component of logistics, logistics also involves inventory management, warehousing, and supply chain coordination. Together, they ensure efficient and effective transportation and delivery of goods.

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