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Optimize your fleet’s efficiency, safety, compliance, and sustainability.

Run real-time reports with data-driven insights.
Enhance fleet connectivity and visibility for smarter operations.

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Empowering businesses of all sizes, from small-medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Integrate cutting-edge connected solutions and enhance your fleet’s efficiency, safety, compliance, and sustainability. Leverage AI-powered insights and data-driven recommendations for safer and smarter fleet operations.

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Advance Fleet Efficiency

Fleets of different types and sizes, across all industries need a solution that can scale and adapt with them. The best solution for your fleet should be tailored to your business, to help optimize the longevity and productivity of your fleet.
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Optimize Driver Safety

Proactively manage your fleet’s health and safety records and avoid costly collisions with a comprehensive telematics platform, designed to protect your vehicles, assets and drivers.

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Master Compliance Management

Enhance visibility and streamline workflows with FC BigRoad ELD and FC Inspect – our driver apps designed to revolutionize the way you manage and automate your fleet compliance and operations.
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Streamline Sustainability Reports

Confidently manage your fleet’s financial and environmental impact by leveraging real-time data on fleet utilization, idle times, fuel consumption, carbon emissions and more.

You’re In Good Company

We Power High-Performing Fleets Across All Industries.
Source: Capterra
Operations Director in Environmental Services
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“Knowing where our trucks or machinery are located helps me plan and coordinate our daily routes/jobs for employees. In emergency cases, knowing where everything is at the touch of a button is very crucial.”
Source: Capterra
Operations Manager in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
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“I use this every hour of the workday. One of my job functions is to keep our drivers productive and Fleet Complete lets me see where they are, when they'll be done and ready to move on to their next job.”
Source: Capterra
Manager, Telecommunications
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“Easy to use, impressive data collection. Saves time and money with FBT and maintenance.”
Source: G2
Fleet Manager in Environmental Services
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“The best move you can make to protect your fleet. It has saved us a ton of money in potential lost and stolen equipment and vehicles and time.”
Source: Capterra
Small business owner
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I have been impressed with the overall reliability and effectiveness of the program. I am able to log my drivers performance as well as receive alerts as to whether each vehicle is in need of an oil change.
Source: Capterra
Operations Manager, Oil & Energy
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There is no better asset tracking option available for the money. Great customer service. Fleet Complete allows me to manage my fleet from anywhere. We have been able to recover many stolen vehicles and assets by using Fleet Complete

Complete Visibility.
All-In-One Fleet Management Platform

An integrated platform with real-time data and machine learning for connected fleet intelligence you can access from anywhere.

  • Build your own reports and data visualizations.
  • Instant access to the data that matters most to your business.
  • Seamlessly integrate data across fleets, OEMs and third-party apps.

AI-powered fleet dash cameras offer complete visibility to help protect the safety of your drivers.

  • Manage unsafe driving behaviors with machine learning: distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, rolling stops, harsh braking, and mobile phone use.
  • Leverage live-streaming functionality with remote access.
  • Get real-time visibility into road conditions, traffic delays, weather limitations, for enhanced driver coaching and route optimization.

Asset trackers offer powerful visibility into the location and usage of your high-value assets.

  • Enhance security and streamline operations with real-time GPS tracking and customized security alerts.
  • Remain connected to your assets via customizable live notifications: monitor asset status changes, geofence interactions, etc.
  • Equipped with humidity, temperature, light, and impact sensors, to optimize your asset’s health and longevity
    security and streamline operations.

Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards.

  • Track hours of service, manage documentation, and ensure that vehicles and drivers meet regulatory requirements.
  • Prevent HOS violations with FMCSA and Transport Canada-certified ELD compliance solutions.
  • Enhance fleet inspections and driver communication for optimized vehicle health and maintenance.

Solutions for Every Industry

Transportation and Logistics

Manage real-time vehicle and asset tracking, fuel optimization, vehicle health and maintenance scheduling, driver safety, compliance, and more.

Courier and Delivery

Effortlessly accommodate ever-changing priorities and make fast, data-driven decisions to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.


Optimize your mixed-fleet operations to streamline workflow and enhance your fleet’s overall driver safety, vehicle maintenance, and site management.

Government Fleet

Unlock advanced telematics solutions that optimize vehicle performance, increase operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Oil, Gas and Mining

Protect your job site, fleet and employees with industry-tailored GPS fleet and asset tracking, driver safety and compliance, emergency dispatch solutions, and more.

Leasing and Rental

Transform your fleet rental and leasing operations with driver safety, vehicle utilization, engine diagnostics, maintenance scheduling, driver safety, and OEM telematics.

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Powerful solutions that fleet managers easily leverage and rely on daily

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Onboarding Services

Accelerate your telematics adoption with a consultative approach and take your business to the next level.
 We are here with you every step of the way. Discover White Glove and Premium Support here.

Knowledge Base

Access helpful product guides, videos, FAQ and tips to get the most out of your solution. Discover Fleet Complete’s Product Knowledge Base here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Complete is a global IoT leader providing connected fleet management solutions. Since 2000, Fleet Complete has been trusted by fleets to provide future-proof solutions to optimize fleet efficiency, safety, and compliance management. Operating in North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia, Fleet Complete is recognized for providing simple, yet comprehensive, out-of-the-box solutions. Fleet Complete’s platform and connected devices are highly intuitive, customizable, and easily integrated with other solutions.

For over 20 years, Fleet Complete has been trusted by fleets around the globe to design telematics solutions that offer actionable insights that help optimize fleet safety and performance. Fleet Complete offers an end-to-end solution which allows businesses to tailor their solutions as their needs change. With real-time insights, video telematics, and compliance solutions, our solutions are designed to help fleets thrive. 

We use telematics technology, and an open-source API, to deliver a connected fleet management platform, which easily integrates with devices and solutions that support fleet-based businesses. The FC platform offers insights on fleet activity, status, and utilization, as well as driver behavior, dispatching, and more. Our AI-powered fleet dash camera uses video data, fleet data, computer vision, and AI technology to monitor driver behavior and offer in-cab driver coaching. GPS fleet/asset trackers and ELD solutions use telematics and mobile apps for enhanced connectivity and compliance reporting.

Fleet management is an essential business function that protects fleet-based businesses, drivers, vehicles, and assets from inefficient and unsafe practices. It helps fleets stay up to date with compliance and regulatory requirements and prevents businesses and drivers from dangerous accidents and costly liabilities.  

Although pricing varies based on the needs of your organization and industry, you can learn more about our software packages here. To find the right solution and accurate pricing, we recommend you speak to one of our fleet solutions experts here.

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