Safeguard Your Fleet with Intelligent Fleet Safety Solutions

Manage your fleet’s safety – on and off the road – with Fleet Complete’s integrated solutions for fleet management. Keep your drivers safe, your vehicles healthy and your insurance costs in control.

Confidently Deploy a Top-Tier
Fleet Safety Program

  1. Combining computer vision and machine learning for intelligent driver behavior management.

  2. Real-time notifications can alert drivers about potential hazards and harsh driving events.

  3. Reduce downtime, insurance, and legal fees with valuable video evidence for driver exoneration.

  1. Capture real-time data on vehicle health and driving event data, such as frequency and severity of unsafe driving habits.
  2. Get rich insights to inform driver safety coaching, vehicle health, and boost overall fleet safety.
  3. Access fleet management reports directly from one unified, cloud-based platform, FC Hub.
  1. Audible in-cab alerts, powered by advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) functionality, empower drivers to self-coach on the spot.
  2. Prompt safer driving habits using valuable data that informs coaching sessions, driver training, and retention.
  3. Identify your safest drivers with a leaderboard to reward them and motivate their peers.
  1. FC Inspect enables drivers to complete pre or post-trip inspection reports on mobile devices.
  2. Flag any visible defects and communicate them to mechanics.
  3. Schedule maintenance activities like brake service and tire replacement using data-driven insights

Identify & Manage Unsafe Driving Behaviors

Navigate Safer and Smarter Fleet Operations with Fleet Complete

With over 20 years of experience supporting fleet managers globally, our industry knowledge and expertise offers end-to-end solutions to help optimize your business. With customizable solutions tailored to your needs, we help streamline your day-to-day operations to boost fleet safety, compliance, and performance.

Trusted by Fleets Across All Industries

Providing Reliable, Intelligent and Real-Time Fleet Safety Insights

Centralize your fleet safety solutions within one unified, intuitive fleet management platform. Monitor the frequency and severity of unsafe driving habits, streamline driver coaching, reduce fuel costs, vehicle wear-and-tear, and more.

How Fleet Complete Helps Businesses Like Yours

We are very safety-focused at The Miller Group. We take the safety of our people very seriously. The technology that Fleet Complete offers enables us to keep people safe.

Randy Murphy,

Manager of Equipment, Haulage and Chlorides at The Miller Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet safety management refers to the strategies, processes, and technology fleet managers put in place to protect their people and organizations. A robust fleet safety program considers all aspects of risk mitigation, including driver training and coaching, compliance, vehicle maintenance, and more.

Fleet safety solutions go further than just vehicle maintenance and dash cameras, they also include training, monitoring, policies, and leveraging the use of innovative technology, such as AI-powered telematics. At Fleet Complete, we offer an all-in-one solution to help you protect your fleet. Fleet safety is important for several obvious reasons: to protect your drivers, cargo and vehicles, as well as the public and other road users. In 2020, there were more than 25,000 fatalities due to light and heavy truck collisions. Proper fleet safety processes and technology help your business: 

  • Comply with regulations 
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency 
  • Reduce risks 
  • Keep insurance premium costs down 
  • Minimize collisions and accidents 
  • Improve safety scores (CVA, CVOR, SAFER, etc.) 
  • Promote safe driving practices 
  • Monitor drivers in real-time 
  • Protect your brand’s reputation 

At Fleet Complete, we offer the only fleet safety solution you’ll need to maximize safety at your organization, so you can focus on doing what you do best. We can help keep your fleet safe with the next generation in telematics that’s intuitive and simple to operate. A key solution is video telematics, which offers a variety of features to increase all-around safety. It provides fleet managers with real-time driver monitoring and coaching, safety updates, alerts and access to recent trips with information on incidents, and when and where they happened, as well as customizable rules for risky driving behaviors.

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With over 20 years of experience in the fleet telematics industry, Fleet Complete equips thousands of businesses globally connected fleet management solutions.


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