Fleet Complete for FirstNet offers a fully integrated solution that is specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public Safety Access Points, and 911 Centers, providing critical insights into first responder fleet and in-field activities. This comprehensive solution is innovative, reliable and scalable, connecting the public safety infrastructure for better and faster services. It delivers a holistic view of fleet operations and key vehicle information that helps with critical decisions on safety, cost control and shorter response times.

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Dedicated high-speed network

The First Responder Network Authority contracted with AT&T to build out a nationwide high-speed broadband internet network that is dedicated to emergency responders.

Fleet Complete for FirstNet consists of a FirstNet Ready™ device that can take advantage of the Band 14 network, and two FirstNet Certified™ apps that are now in the FirstNet App Catalog:

• Fleet Complete Mobile
• Fleet Complete Dispatch

Fleet Complete is providing primary agencies and those that support them (Healthcare, Utility, and Transportation companies) a robust portfolio of solutions that help those agencies improve dispatching efficiency, response times, and the safety of first responder teams.

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