Optimize Your Fleet Management with End-To-End OEM Telematics

Mixed fleet-management through a single, integrated solution.

Discover Your Fleet’s True Potential With OEM Telematics

  • Rapid activation.
  • No hardware installations.
  • Continuously evolving data capabilities.


Easily manage and take control of your assets through
a powerful, cloud-based, telematics solution.

Why Choose OEM Telematics with Fleet Complete?

Fleet Complete leads the way in OEM telematics integration, offering cloud-based solutions and strong partnerships with leading vehicle manufacturers to eliminate the need for additional hardware and costly downtime. 

Unlock a superior fleet management experience with:

Zero touch activation

Ready to use within minutes with remote activation capabilities — minimizing your fleet’s downtime.

Optimized mixed fleet operations

Simplify information management across your fleet with easy information management and eliminate data silos.

Driver behavior monitoring

Gain insights into driver performance and implement targeted training programs to ensure the well-being of your drivers.

Driver Performance Metrics

Monitor driver behavior and stay informed on your fleet’s safety, vehicle health, and efficiency. Driver safety scorecards offer gamification tactics for driver coaching and training.

No hardware fees

Say goodbye to upfront and monthly hardware costs — leading to an exceptionally cost-effective solution.

Rich data for deeper insights

Gather, consolidate, and dissect data with a purpose-built platform. With actionable insights, it is easier than ever to optimize
your fleet.

Industry-Leading Automotive Partnerships

Fleet Complete partners with industry leaders to empower fleets in leveraging the potential of cloud-based embedded telematics, delivering seamless mixed fleet management through a single, integrated solution.

Fleet Complete for Ford vehicles is a web-based fleet management solution that is available on a variety of Ford vehicles.


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Fleet Complete for GM is a web-based fleet management solution that runs on a variety of OnStar-equipped GM vehicles (Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac).


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Fleet Complete’s advanced OEM integrations, in collaboration with Stellantis connected vehicles, offers you complete connectivity.


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Endless Solutions with an Intuitive and Scalable Platform

Start simple and easily scale as your requirements change, or when your business expands. Fleet Complete’s versatile product portfolio allows you to invest in a platform, customized to your specific needs.
This includes:
  • OEM telematics
  • AI-powered video telematics
  • Vehicle and powered equipment tracking
  • Non-powered asset tracking
  • Customizable inspection reports
  • ELD and e-logging compliance

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) telematics refers to vehicle telematics systems that are built into vehicles by the manufacturer. These systems collect and transmit data related to the vehicle‘s performance, location, and driver behavior. OEM telematics systems are integrated into the vehicle‘s onboard computer and can provide valuable insights to fleet managers and drivers.

Telematics software is a platform that processes and analyzes data collected from telematics devices, such as those used in vehicles. This software provides real-time insights into vehicle performance, location, and driver behavior. It helps fleet managers optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations.

OEM telematics systems can provide a wide range of data, including vehicle diagnostics, fuel consumption, location tracking, and driver behavior. This data can be used to monitor vehicle health, optimize maintenance schedules, and improve overall fleet efficiency and safety.

OEM telematics systems collect data through sensors and onboard computer systems built into the vehicle. These systems can monitor various parameters such as engine performance, fuel consumption, and vehicle location. The data is then transmitted wirelessly to a central server, where it can be analyzed and used to make informed decisions about fleet management. 

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