How The Miller Group is Sustaining Success with Fleet Complete Connected Solutions

• Fleet Size:

Approx. 1000 vehicles

• Regions:

Canada & southeastern United States

• Vehicle Type:

Mixed fleet - light duty trucks, highway tractors, off-road construction, and road-building equipment

About the company

The Miller Group specializes in the building and development of urban and rural infrastructure across Canada. The organization has a longstanding reputation for excellence in road building with contributions made to major infrastructure projects during the great road building boom of the mid-20th century.

When they first reached out to Fleet Complete over 12 years ago, they were seeking a telematics solution to enhance fleet connectivity. Now more than 12 years later, they are still working with Fleet Complete and investing in telematics solutions to meet a wide range of fleet performance goals, including safety, sustainability, compliance, and efficiency.

Randy Murphy, Manager of Equipment, Haulage and Chlorides within the Transportation and Logistics Division at The Miller Group explains, “In our industry, it is extremely important to be in control of our fleet at all times, knowing where all of our assets are, how our drivers are behaving and performing on the road, as well as how efficiently our equipment is operating are all critical to our
continued success.”


Safety, fleet visibility, sustainability and overall performance

Efficient fleet management, precise asset tracking, fleet visibility and unwavering commitment to driver safety are essential to long-term success and sustainability in the construction industry.

In the initial stages of their journey, The Miller Group relied on the power of GPS fleet tracking to monitor the whereabouts of their company trucks and equipment and gain valuable insights into utilization.

Over time, their needs expanded. The Colas Group, The Miller Group’s parent company, wanted a telematics solution that would:

  • Improve fleet performance overall.
  • Provide greater visibility into driving behaviors and fleet utilization.
  • Streamline decision-making processes.
  • Enhance Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting.

Murphy worked with Fleet Complete to access a suite of solutions that would meet these expectations and provide the deep insights that The Miller Group needed to continue to grow and succeed.


A suite of telematics tools to suit a growing and evolving fleet

Murphy and the Fleet Complete team customized a solution suite that would support The Miller Group’s commitment to employee safety and professional development and minimize the financial and environmental implications of fuel consumption and unnecessary mileage. It was also essential that they had access to valuable video evidence for performance management, and if necessary, fault and liability cases.

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Enhanced safety, sustainability, compliance, and efficiency


Murphy attributes The Miller Group’s enduring partnership with Fleet Complete to excellent service, innovative technology, comprehensive training, and effective onboarding.


Every year, Fleet Complete joins Randy’s team at their annual “Spring Start-up” meeting to provide the Miller Group with important product updates, and product training on new and updated solutions.


“I have benefitted from the ongoing support of Fleet Complete’s dedicated training department. I’ve also developed relationships with people across the company who have provided support and guidance when we’ve launched specific solutions and projects.”


This collaborative relationship is paying off. By taking advantage of Fleet Complete’s onboarding services, including the White Glove Implementation and Premium Support, The Miller Group has continued providing exceptional construction and infrastructure service to their customers while achieving significant results in critical areas of their fleet performance.


Avoiding dangerous and costly accidents

Murphy stresses, “We are very safety-focused at The Miller Group. We take the safety of our people very seriously. The technology that Fleet Complete offers enables us to keep people safe.”By equipping vehicles with AI-powered dash cameras, managers like Randy can monitor and identify risky driving behavior and use the data for driver coaching.


Monitoring and recouping fuel costs

With steep fuel prices, the Miller Group introduced a new variable fuel surcharge to cover increased costs. It has become critical to manage this surcharge with agility and responsibility. FC Hub enables Randy and his team to efficiently monitor fuel usage and calculate surcharge rates on a weekly basis, ensuring that customers are not overcharged for fuel and the Miller Group manages its operations sustainably.


Utilization tracking

FC Hub allows for better tracking so management can see when vehicles are sitting idle in yards and ensure that monthly vehicle payments align with usage rates.


Enhanced sustainability and productivity

Enhanced productivity and sustainable practices, such as drivers going paperless, are among the many successes The Miller Group has experienced as a result of their investment in telematics.

Client Review

In our industry, it is extremely important to be in control of our fleet at all times, knowing where all of our assets are, how our drivers are behaving and performing on the road, as well as how efficiently our equipment is operating are all critical to our continued success.

Randy Murphy,

Manager of Equipment, Haulage and Chlorides

The road ahead

Other divisions at the Miller Group are investing in Fleet Complete solutions to meet their specific business needs. Murphy says, “I expect this trend will continue as we educate and train teams throughout the company.”

In 2024, The Miller Group and Fleet Complete will work together to customize the latest version of FC Hub, which offers comprehensive monitoring of sustainability metrics such as fuel output and carbon emissions.

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