Fleet Dash Cam

Your video solution for all-around driver and fleet safety

Visibility beyond Just eyes on the road

When it comes to being out on the road, we understand that a driver’s focus must be split many ways.

That’s why Fleet Complete’s dash cam solution, called Vision, is designed with safety in mind. It provides a layer of visibility that goes beyond what a driver can achieve alone.

By using the Vision fleet dash cam with video recording and alerts, you provide your drivers with the increased safety, risk detection, and confidence they need to excel.

Why video is vital

Along with increased safety, dash cam recordings help protect drivers against fraudulent claims.

By providing the evidence needed to tell the correct story when an accident occurs, video solutions leave no room for “he said, she said”.

In successfully disputing these faulty claims, Fleet Complete’s video solutions will ultimately help you save big on costs and increase your bottom line.

vision camera and vision trip replay videos on a mobile device

Fleet Dash cam benefits

Short-term benefits

  • Immediately increase driver safety on the road
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Easily integrate with fleet management software
  • Simply and quickly pinpoint an event when it happens

Long-term benefits

  • Improve driver skillsets
  • Increase employee retention through improved safety measures
  • Save big on costs from faulty claims
  • Develop a reputation for safety

Easy to use mobile APP

The Vision mobile app helps drivers better understand their driving behavior and self-motivates drivers by gamifying safe driving.

  • Events are verbally announced to the driver as they happen.
  • Access real-time driver scorecards with safety scoring.
  • AI-powered monitoring captures short video events.

Join Fleet Complete’s CEO, Tony Lourakis as he tests drives the FC Vision AI-powered fleet dash camera or watch this video to enjoy unboxing the Fleet Complete Vision camera with him.

Key features of vision


Dual-Facing Camera

All perspectives are covered with the forward and driver-facing camera to ensure all-around safety and visibility.


Easy plug-and-play installation

With no extensive setup required, you will start reaping the benefits of Vision 2.0 immediately.


On-board lte connectivity

As the ignition turns on and off, Vision 2.0 will start and end the trip on its own with no added work for the driver. It’s as easy as that!


Advanced driver assistance system

Provides in-cabin alerts for speeding, harsh braking and acceleration, cornering, lane drifting, rolling stops, and tailgating.


AI on-the-edge processing

Vision 2.0 processes events without the need of a network, allowing event identification to occur quickly and efficiently.


Driver id with multi-driver support

Allows fleet-wide use that doesn’t limit a unit to a specific driver.


Driver monitoring system (DMS)

With the ability to detect a driver’s behavior, you will help them learn from their performance and assess their skillset.


Rolling storage

Offers the ability to retrieve video at any time, whenever needed.


Driver scorecard

Help drivers go from good to great by keeping track of their developing skills and awarding them accordingly.


Mobile app

Allows drivers to receive in-cabin alerts and review their trip after they finish driving.

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