Located just outside of Sydney, Australia, CarPass provides rental vehicles to Uber drivers and other ride-sharing companies. With almost 200 cars across New South Wales, the visibility of their fleet is critical. Not only does Fleet Complete provide the real-time data to ensure drivers are safe at all times, but also the ability to proactively manage maintenance and ensure vehicles are protected. Added benefit – thanks to data-backed information shared with their insurance, CarPass has the most competitive pricing in the market!

What They Do

“At CarPass, we rent cars to Uber drivers or people who want to participate in the sharing economy and we’ve gotten now just shy of two hundred cars.”

“We own the assets, so it was really important to us that we knew – at any time of the day – where the assets were. The other important part of our business is being proactive with our servicing, so for us, we’re not waiting for our customers to tell us when they need it – we can be proactive and on top of that ourselves.”

User Experience

Web map with asset avatars.“It’s user intuitive, so you know for us it’s sort of – click, click, click – and everything is there, it makes it really simple for us to navigate. We need to know where the cars are if the drivers are driving safe and, obviously, how long cars are being driven for.”

“There is quite a good correlation between how long they’re driving, how many kilometers they’re doing, so obviously we want to make sure these drivers are driving safe, because that helps our safety ratings and our insurance. So that’s really important to us.”


“We’ve actually had two cars stolen and recovered. If you look at losing two cars, that’s anywhere a roughly $60,000 hit to our business, a hit to our insurance – and that’s quite significant in a small business environment. Our premiums would have gone up double or three times next year. So that alone has saved us a truckload.”

We actually share Fleet Complete with our insurance company, so they can see as well. The reason why our prices are so competitive in the market is the fact that we have this risk bracket, and if you don’t fit that risk bracket, then unfortunately we have to ask you to leave our platform. So all those metrics and all those things come together and that’s why we can keep our prices as they are.”

Favorite Feature

Breadcrumb trail replay on mobile phone screen.One of our favorite features is the breadcrumb trail, because we can see exactly event by event what’s happened. Then we correlate that with our dashcam footage – we have in all our cars. We send that to our insurance company, and that’s pretty much a nice little package that they can take – if it’s third-party at fault, then we know exactly, and I can say “Look, this is what happened…”, so everything about the platform we love.”