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Connected operations for transportation fleets that support public safety.

When an emergency strikes, many transportation fleets help provide relief, assisting first responders in clean-up operations, traffic control, hauling people or debris, and other types of recovery from the incident scene. This is why it is crucial to deliver communications and interoperability to all agencies involved in support of fast and efficient aid-delivery when needed the most.

Fleet Complete for FirstNet offers transportation fleets the capabilities and the network connectivity they need to coordinate with first responders and ensure that their vehicles and equipment are ready when the situation requires. With this solution, you’ll be able to dispatch the available personnel that is closest to the scene of events and have full visibility over your equipment and tools to help deliver relief on a short notice. It will also help keep your on-site staff safe with location-based monitoring features and advanced communication tools for optimal visibility into what is happening in the field.

The Fleet Complete advanced web platform provides all fleet and asset information on one screen in near-real time. You have oversight of your vehicles, their current status and location, as well as your available inventory of light and heavy-duty equipment and tools. Coupled with FirstNet, you get a highly secure, reliable network connection to ensure transportation personnel get to the scene in the shortest amount of time, while keeping the lines of communication with first responders.

Key Features

Improved information sharing

Equipped with enhanced push-to-talk tools and near real-time information on all fleet vehicles, dispatchers are able to coordinate better with on-site first responder personnel and send the closest available staff to the scene faster.

Better grasp of equipment inventory

Support your staff in the field with the complete overview of the available equipment that is ready to go. Fleet Complete’s comprehensive solutions will give you full visibility over vehicles, assets and their operational status on one web map in near-real time.

Fleet staff safety

Ensuring the safety of your staff that is helping deliver relief in emergencies is as important as supporting first responder efforts. Fleet Complete for FirstNet provides safety tools and other features that help ensure your vehicles and equipment are well functioning, as well as that your staff are equipped with duress devices to indicate injury or distress.


  • Support your fleet staff with FirstNet’s primary-level network connectivity for uninterrupted lines of communication among the different agencies involved
  • Get a holistic view of all your assets on one web map with current location and operational status
  • Establish Last Position, Points of Interest and Trip Reports to keep you informed on the events in the field
  • Keep record of the activity taken during the dispatch call in chronological order
  • Capture asset activity, fuel levels, temperature and distance remotely
  • Ensure fleet readiness and safety status with Maintenance Reports, Engine Diagnostics and Measurement
  • Equip your staff with Personal Trackers that are attached to their belts or pockets to enable them to indicate distress with a button or rely on prolonged inactivity mode

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