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Reliable fleet management solution for first responder fleets

Fleet Complete provides an integrated telematics solution that uses a multi-sensor in-vehicle system to capture and log actions in the field. This includes driver safety, locating and dispatching the closest unit, the time a call was received, how long it and took to arrive onsite, status of emergency lights and sirens, engagement of vehicle’s auxiliary equipment, among others.

Fleet Complete Mobile and Dispatch for FirstNet allow dispatchers to quickly locate closest available units, dispatch across multiple networks, track safety status of rescue teams, pull dated and GPS-stamped reports, and more, all from one screen.

Key Features

One integrated platform

Fleet managers and dispatchers gain access to field intelligence, such as status of each driver, their vehicle and location, equipment integrity, driver safety, routing information, vehicle inspection and more, allowing them to make better on-demand decisions and improve fleet safety and efficiency.

Equipment management

Fleet Complete’s small asset trackers and the Inspect application allow first responder teams to automate inventory counts and inspections of high-value BLS equipment with storage status to avoid loss, theft or damage from improper handling.

Interoperable communications

Fleet Complete offers customers a simple, reliable and scalable communications solution that connects and extends the LMR network with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (PTT), allowing non-essential users to deploy PTT service on existing iOS or Android smartphones.



  • Track and manage your mission-critical fleet and workforce in near real time
  • Monitor driver safety when not on-call and help lower fleet operational costs
  • Get insight into the status of your vehicles by monitoring Engine Control Module for check engine and Diagnostic Trouble Codes*
  • Schedule and track the completion status of regular CPR training sessions and more
  • Capture regular inspections and log defects of on-board ambulatory equipment
  • Monitor and immediately respond to crew members in distress due to falls or sudden impacts
  • Report on accurate sensor use activity and have proof of siren and lights engagement during a dispatch call
  • Keep an accurate chronology log of the activity taken during the dispatch call

PTO relay sensor

The relay captures the status of any auxiliary equipment connected to the power take-off on your vehicles. The sensor tracks when the equipment is ON and OFF, as well as the duration of use.


Door sensor

Capture when and where your vehicle’s doors, hoods and containers open and close for better accountability and record-keeping.


Driver ID

Individual Driver Key Fobs and RFID cards can save time on administration, minimize phone traffic and boost accountability. Driver ID starter-disabling option is also available to help prevent unwanted usage.

AT&T Fireman using laptop in police car

Accurate records

Our wide range of GPS-based solutions are designed to increase transparency into active vehicles, assets and personnel.

Scene recreation

Have a time-stamped proof of presence and proof of action at a location or in the event of an emergency.

AT&T Firemen using digital tablet while other fireman talking on mobile phone

Mobile high-speed LAN connectivity

Wireless (LTE) connectivity plays a major role in providing first responder fleets with a reliable and always-available Internet connection. This aids in improving productivity, squad and fleet management, as well as extended services for our most trusted public safety women and men.

Field-tested and proven even in the worst of emergency conditions, Cradlepoint has inspired confidence with First Responders worldwide by delivering purpose-built connectivity options for in-vehicle, IoT and station networking. Boasting an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, coupled with a single cloud management platform and FIPS certification, all make Cradlepoint the clear and cost-effective choice for thousands of today’s most demanding first responder organizations.


  • Integration with the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM)* and additional sensors provides insight into the usage of alarm lights, siren switch, door/trunk sensor, auxiliary equipment status
  • Historic report data on the exact time, location and driver behavior of all vehicles helps protect the integrity of field units in the public eye
  • Rescue teams gain an added level of safety with Personal Tracker PT100 that has the ability to send an immediate request for assistance by pressing the panic button on the device
  • Complimentary integration with an existing AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk solution provides an add-on communication channel as backup.
AT&T Policemen using digital tablet while another police officer talking on mobile phone

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