Utilities Fleet Management Solutions

Front-line connectivity for utility fleets that support first responders.

As a utility company providing public safety services in support of first responders, speed and efficiency of operations is critical. In a catastrophic event, you need to make sure your field staff is safe and able to deliver the support first responders need.


Fleet Complete for FirstNet offers electric, gas, and water companies, the fleet capabilities and network connectivity you need to coordinate with first responders and connect to key infrastructure and utilities personnel. This dedicated fleet solution helps ensure optimal vehicle readiness to help you aid in emergency relief efforts.


The Fleet Complete fleet management platform provides all fleet information on one screen with vehicle readiness, status and location. Coupled with FirstNet, you get a highly secure, reliable network connection to ensure utilities personnel get to the scene in the shortest amount of time, while keeping the lines of communication with first responders. Priority network access, uninterrupted communication, and vehicle visibility in near real time allows to oversee better task coordination in emergencies, while keeping the in-field staff safe and efficient.”

Key Features

Situational awareness

Equipped with near real-time information on all fleet vehicles, dispatchers are able to assess the situation faster and coordinate the necessary personnel that is closest to the emergency scene promptly.

Field equipment and vehicle status

With key information on all assets in the field, knowing remotely what equipment is available and fully functional, and how quickly can the vehicle get to the scene helps make critical decisions faster.

Field staff safety

With Fleet Complete’s hardware and software, fleet managers are able to monitor that vehicles and equipment are properly maintained and are fully functional when the time strikes. This not only helps ensure better response times, but also improves field staff safety on the roads.


  • Seamless communication between utility infrastructure entities and first responders
  • Near real-time information on vehicle readiness, status, and location with GPS tracking
  • Keep accurate inventory and inspection logs of equipment remotely with asset tracking
  • Keep record of the activity taken during the dispatch call in chronological order
  • Know the status of your vehicles by monitoring Engine Control Module for check engine and Diagnostic Trouble Codes*

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