Task Tracker

Ideal for businesses that provide on-demand services, the Task Tracker application is an enhanced resource management solution that brings advanced project tracking functions and an intuitive interface for optimal efficiency.

Key Features

  • Resource Management

  • Location Tracking

  • Live Status

See worker availability

With our sophisticated GPS technology, you will know the real-time location of your crew and be able to view their availability and work in progress.

Task Tracker Menu English IOS
  • Assign tasks

    A worker can accept or reject tasks and update activity status in real-time.

  • Distribute workload effectively

    Rejected tasks are flagged with an alert, so that you can transfer them to another person without delay.

  • Track activity status

    Easily navigate between Pending, In Progress, and Completed jobs on your device.

  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface

    Have optimal visibility over your team’s workload activities with the intuitive controls on the screen.

Task Tracker Pending English iOS.
Task Tracker Pending English iOS.
Task Tracker Completed Screen
Task Tracker Completed Screen

Assign jobs within seconds

Using our cloud-based Task Tracker app, you can send activities to mobile workers, based on their geographical position and workload straight from your smartphone. Workers can accept or reject job requests remotely, seeing specific instructions and addresses on their mobile device, and provide visibility on all active or pending jobs assigned to them.

Minimize dispatch phone traffic

Take away the extra administrative steps from your project management! App users can add supplementary job activities while onsite without the need to call into dispatch and make an official request. They can assign job activities to themselves or leave it to the dispatch managers to allocate the best available resource. All entries instantly appear on the main screen and can be attended to within seconds. This saves a significant amount of time for mobile workers and minimizes phone traffic on the dispatchers’ end.

New activity option screenshot.
Task Tracker In Progress

Time management

With special Activity Notifications, your crew can receive Time to Leave and Travel Time alerts to help better organize their day and manage their activities more effectively.

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Supported devices

The Task Tracker app is available in iTunes and GooglePlay, and runs on both Android and Apple smartphones.

Accommodate changing priorities

With the helicopter view on all in-field activity, you can adapt to fluctuating business agendas and make on-demand decisions by connecting with resources immediately.

Resource Tracker assign activity dashboard