Parrotta Paving Company Inc

Fleet Complete helps Parrotta Paving promote safe driving behavior among their employees and curb adverse driving habits that may be detrimental to vehicle’s health and Parrotta’s reputation.

At a glance

  • Founded in 1961 in Morgantown, WV
  • Paving, excavating and seal coating
  • Fleet of 30 heavy-duty vehicles
  • Significantly improved in employee accountability
  • Reduced insurance premiums


Founded in 1961, Parrotta Paving is a family owned asphalt-paving business in Morgantown, West Virginia. With the company’s unofficial motto “no job is too small”, Parrotta Paving offers professional and highly reliable one-stop-shop services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. What distinguishes Parrotta from its competitors is the extensive industry experience of 54 years and a personal touch to every customer from the owner, Randy Parrotta, who often goes on worksites himself.

The company currently owns around 100 high-value units in construction assets.

paving workers loading a cement block


With over 50 employees, 30 heavy-duty vehicles (such as pavers, rollers, excavators, graders, skid steers, dump trucks and backhoes) and roughly 70 units of high-value equipment, Parrotta Paving was looking to employ a monitoring system that could help track their mobile resources, provide additional insight into employee driving behavior and manage insurance ratings.

“We would sometimes receive calls, telling us that our trucks were speeding on the interstate highway, and we felt the need to increase worker accountability with regards to bad driving habits,” stresses Shweta Hardy, Office Manager at Parrotta Paving, “We wanted to know that our employees are honest, and that they are, where they say they are.”

Having built a solid reputation for its quality services, the company also wanted to upgrade its dispatching for maximum efficiency and gain visibility into the onsite activities to optimize operations.

"Nowadays, I don’t need to call 10 drivers to find out where they are, and who is closest to the project site. I have all the information right in front of me."

- Shweta Hardy , Office Manager at Parrotta Paving


In 2015, Parrotta Paving deployed Fleet Complete’s MGS devices, mounted in dashboards across its fleet of vehicles for tracking and monitoring driver activity. The device sensors collect vital information on vehicle’s in-field status and real-time location and translate this data to the head office, making it easier to locate and dispatch the closest available driver to a job. Having remote real-time tracking and status reporting on a computer display, the management team can make quicker on-demand decisions and is able to handle workloads more efficiently.

Parrotta Paving takes full advantage of the Fleet Complete’s speeding alert system that notifies the managers when a triggering event occurs. This helps the company promote safe driving behavior among their employees and curb adverse driving habits that may be detrimental to vehicle’s health and Parrotta’s reputation.

Heavy duty truck.
Dashboard displaying various charts of driver behaviour


Parrotta Paving saw positive results and added business benefits that connected vehicles bring to the organization. The management team saw a significant improvement in driver on-road conduct together with a more efficient dispatching process. Thanks to the operational transparency and real-time information, there is minimal time spent on work orchestration and two-way communication between the head office and the drivers. Additionally, employee accountability has risen dramatically, ensuring timely onsite presence, professional integrity and lower insurance premiums, based on proper driving conduct. The managers can influence productivity levels by overseeing the reports on each vehicle’s activities, and the drivers are now more conscious of the effect that their driving has on the business.