Fee Transparency

Understanding our rates, charges, and fees

At Fleet Complete, we are committed to providing you with effective technology services to help you manage your vehicles and assets efficiently, protect the safety of your drivers and equipment, and comply with complex regulatory requirements.


Committed to these values, we continue to invest in leading-edge technology and the resources that provide you with insights to improve your operations. We want to be transparent by sharing with you that we are experiencing significant macro-economic inflation in nearly every aspect of our business, including supply chain, cloud hosting, security, payment processing, talent, insurance and more. After carefully analyzing increasing operating costs, we have determined that we are no longer able to absorb these costs alone and maintain the service delivery you expect.


This page provides disclosures and additional information to you regarding some of the most common charges and fees that you may see in your contract and/or on your invoice. These charges and fees help us to align your interest (operator safety, efficient use of your vehicles and assets, regulatory compliance) with ours (to achieve an acceptable operating margin) Please refer to the information below to help you understand the charges and fees you may see on your invoice.


Late Payment Fee – If you fail to pay your invoice on or before its due date, Fleet Complete reserves the right to charge you a late payment fee. Late payment fees are intended to help Fleet Complete recover its costs incurred in managing customers’ unpaid accounts. Late payment fees are set by each operating subsidiary, up to 18% per year or 1.5% per month or if higher, the maximum amount allowed under applicable law and are subject to change at that operating subsidiary’s discretion.


Service Fee – Intended to help Fleet Complete recover costs associated with the following: administrative processes related to account maintenance for all customers nationwide, offsetting the inflationary pressures of supply chain, cloud hosting and data security as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to achieve an acceptable operating margin. The Service Fee is currently 9.75% of the invoice value before applicable taxes but is subject to change at Fleet Complete’s discretion.


Shipping Fee – Covers the cost of shipping all physical products (hardware/accessories) from our warehouses to customer-specified delivery points. Fleet Complete only uses reputable national and international shipping partners that provide safe and efficient delivery of our products to you.


Taxes – Some services provided by Fleet Complete may be subject to state/provincial, federal and/or local taxes or fees. If applicable, taxes or fees will be separately itemized on your invoice, collected by Fleet Complete and submitted to the appropriate taxing authority and/or franchise authority.


Travel Fee – Sometimes referred to as “Trip Fee”, the Travel Fee is included when providing installation services, hardware removal services or general service calls. This fee is intended to recover the travel fee charged by our valued installation partners for time and expenses required for traveling to customer-specified installation sites. The amount may vary based on the geographic region and location of and volume of installation sites.


Credit Card Fee – Credit card issuers charge Fleet Complete a flat fee and a percentage of each transaction processed, and over time, these fees have materially grown. To save our customers money, we have worked diligently with our banks to offer ACH Debit (Preauthorized Debit) payments directly and securely from your bank account at a smaller fee to us, and at no charge to you. Customers who decide to continue paying via credit card will see a processing fee of 2.4% of the invoice value, which is not greater than the costs paid for accepting credit cards. We encourage our customers to switch to ACH at any time by contacting our Finance team.

With Fleet Complete, you’ll experience your real-time fleet data transformed into actionable insights.

With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about not only the efficiency of your fleet, but its safety, compliance, and sustainability.

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