About Us

Fleet Complete is a global telecommunications carrier partner providing IoT solutions for fleet, asset and mobile workforce management to over 8,000 customers worldwide.

Our Story

Fleet Complete (formally Complete Innovations) was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2000 by Tony Lourakis & Andrew Merisanu. The company was initially conceived to address the needs of the courier service industry, yet has rapidly grown and expanded across multiple sectors, including distribution, transportation and field services. What made Fleet Complete successful is its integrated approach to customer needs, providing solutions in one comprehensive telematics platform that is scalable to any business. 

With its culture of innovation and quality, Fleet Complete has enjoyed continuous growth, bolstered by strong partnerships, continuous product development, first-rate talent and a drive to be the industry leader. Thanks to its solid business strategy and unique value proposition, the company has expanded its presence, as well as its solution offerings, into Europe, Mexico, Australia and the United States.

Having won numerous awards, Fleet Complete is recognized recognised as the fastest-growing provider of industry-leading GPS fleet and asset tracking technology and cloud-based mobile workforce solutions.

Our History

  1. Company founded

    Complete Innovations (CI) is founded by two university friends, Tony Lourakis and Andrew Merisanu, to address the needs of the courier service industry.

  2. Company incorporated

    The company incorporates as Courier Complete.

  3. First award

    The company receives its first award and continues to collect accolades.

  4. Entrepreneur of the Year nomination

    Ernst & Young nominates Tony Lourakis for Entrepreneur of the Year award.

  5. Fleet Complete® product launches

    The launch of the Fleet Complete® solution.

  6. TELUS partnership

    CI partners with TELUS to offer its solutions to businesses across Canada.

  7. Market leader

    CI becomes the market leader in Canada.

  8. Garmin partnership

    CI partners with Garmin.

  9. AT&T partnership

    CI partners with AT&T, extending its presence and its solutions to the US market.

  10. USA e-logging solution launch

    CI launches Fleet Complete HOS for Android Tablets across the US.

  11. Madison Dearborn Partners investment

    CI receives investment from Madison Dearborn Partners and changes its name to Fleet Complete.

  12. FieldWorker Technology Solutions aquisition

    Fleet Complete acquires FieldWorker Technology Solutions and partners with Intact Insurance.

  13. ITmobile aquisition

    Fleet Complete acquires ITmobile in the Benelux region, entering the European market.

  14. Securatrak acquisition

    Fleet Complete acquires Securatrak in Australia, continuing its global expansion.

  15. BigRoad acquisition

    Fleet Complete leads the market in ELD regulatory compliance by acquiring BigRoad.

Our Values

Fleet Complete company values.
  • People

    At Fleet Complete, we are a team of dedicated, innovative and passionate people, driven to win. Our fun-loving entrepreneurial spirit and the synergy of talented individuals provide the perfect environment for our people and our company to grow.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is at the heart of our organization. We owe a large part of our success and continuous growth to the big and small ideas that we bring to life every day.

    From innovative products and processes to setting new standards and implementing best practices, our people are always coming up with better ways to do things.

  • Community

    At Fleet Complete, we have a strong commitment to helping those in need and to improving our communities. From fundraisers to company-wide charity events, we are always on the lookout for ways to give back.

  • Quality

    We know that our clients trust us with mission-critical aspects of their businesses, and that’s why we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in both, our products and our customer service.

  • Productivity

    Having the best talent, combined with our commitment to innovation and quality, makes us highly productive in everything we do. Doing things smarter, not harder, and performing at our peak is always top of mind as we go about our day.


Meet our mascot, Matt – Mobile Asset Tracking Technician.

Matt is an honest, trustworthy and hard-working person. An intuitive problem solver, his passion for efficiency serves him well, whether it is a professional or personal matter.
His mantra to ‘always help the person in need’ has allowed him to excel at his job and thrive in his personal life.
Matt always goes the extra mile, and never shies away from getting his hands dirty. Besides his ‘get the job done’ attitude, Matt is also one of those faces in the office that clients remember.

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Matt looking proud