3 Ways New Video Event Tracking App Will Help Your Fleet Drivers

Video telematics is the new vision of safety, and we’re working on a mobile application that will be launching very soon to help improve driver behavior without taking a toll on your budget. Here are the three key benefits that your drivers and fleet managers will derive from it.

FC Vision Samsung display.

Gamifying the experience

Video analytics and recording is a powerful tool for fleet safety, delivering an indisputable proof of action. Yet implementing new technologies can be daunting and may be met with resistance from drivers. More tracking gadgets for me while I’m driving? C’mon!

We get that. This is why we’re developing a new video recording app, Fleet Complete Vision, that is not only a big value-add to your fleet but is also focused on a great driver experience. We’re putting a lot of energy towards creating a video solution that is not only helpful but also a little bit fun to use.

You’ve probably heard of or used Fitbit bracelets or step counting apps that stir some healthy competition with yourself. Can I make more steps today? Should I use the stairs instead of the escalator? Can I go that extra mile?

This drive to self-betterment can even be a little bit addictive.

Fleet Complete Vision Weekly Summary screen

A similar concept is applied to our Vision app. It will stimulate that healthy motivation to outcompete yourself in your driving habits to get a good score. Drivers will be able to see their scores according to the specific driving instances – e.g. rolling stops, tailgating, harsh acceleration or breaking – and play a short video recording to see what happened on the road. Did you miss that speed limit sign by accident?

And the satisfaction of seeing those scores improve, appearing on a Leader Scoreboard, might be enough of a good incentive to keep those wheels rolling on the safe side!

FC Vision phone display with play button and 'Traffic speed violated' message.

Non-distracting technology

The Vision app will be easy and safe to use while driving. It will not be displaying anything when recording in order to avoid distracting drivers from keeping their eyes on the road. You may opt for voice notifications to learn where your driving patterns might need some work – or if you need someone to talk at (we’ve all had a one-sided conversation with our GPS) – or have them appear as text if you prefer to keep it Zen in the cab.

The app will have state-of-the-art sensors implemented in the software that detect all the road signage or lane departure instances at high speeds. It comprises optical detection, Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning, and analytics that compare the vehicle’s driving performance against posted road signs and safety regulations.

Once an infraction is detected, it will trigger the video event recording. Otherwise, the app is on stand-by. When the trip is finished, both the driver and fleet manager will be able to review faulty events: the driver – on the app, and the manager – on the Fleet Complete Web portal.

FC Vision video showing a vehicle tailgaiting.

Driver self-coaching

This is a big one. It’s always better one time to see it than ten times to hear it. Vision is a great driver-coaching tool for real-time, everyday on-road safety. With gamified driver behavior tracking, drivers can review their own scores and videos, and fleet managers can rely on the app’s in-cab feedback for drivers to keep an eye on their mistakes. Meanwhile, in the office, managers will be able to replay a week’s worth of trips and mentor their drivers – individually or as a group – on key areas of improvement.

With Vision’s simple, contextual video event recording, fleet managers won’t have to review hours of footage. Every event produces a few seconds of video recording – enough to review what happened just before, during, and right after the event.

This is a very effective tool for your fleet’s safety program. If you have more questions, please reach out to us!