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Add asset tracking tools to gain visibility, protection, and efficiencies.

  • How are you managing the safety and accountability of your onsite workers? 
  • What measures have you put in place to protect your assets from theft and misuse? 

New health and safety protocols are crucial to the construction segment in order to keep sites operating.  

We can help you take control over the situation with customized health inspection checklists, real-time GPS tracking for equipment and construction asset tracking software. Fleet Complete is a solution, specifically designed to help monitor your heavy-duty vehicles, construction equipment and other high-value assets remotely, so you always know where it is. 


  • Monitor where your equipment is with GPS tracking 
  • Draw digital fences around site areas to monitor assets leaving afterhours 
  • React quickly to unauthorized movement 
  • Track and retrieve assets fast, in case of theft  


  • Ensure employee safety with in-app health inspection checklists 
  • Create customized vehicle inspection reports to comply with new health and safety guidelines 
  • Remind your drivers to disinfect surfaces and keep vehicles clean


  • View all staff on one map and stay updated on activities and jobs completed throughout the day on your mobile device or desktop computer 
  • Keep accurate timesheets for invoicing and payroll 
  • Get time and GPS location stamps to prove resources were onsite on time 


  • Identify how often assets are being used to keep track of inventory and optimize the number of assets or equipment you actually need 
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses with better maintenance scheduling 
  • Record any damages that occur on site so they can be flagged and attended to in a timely manner  


Our immediate ROI with Fleet Complete has been huge. In the past, we may not have even found [lost or stolen] vehicles for months which would have cost us around $160,000 to replace. 

“While it is fully customizable, it is also user-friendly and is created with the average person in mind. I worked on remote access to ensure it was working to best meet my company’s needs. Fleet Complete also provides us with an added level of safety for our employees.”  

Terence Schofield

Safety Officer, Anglia Steel Industries Ltd.

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