Rosa Flora

VIDEO: Rosa Flora relies on Fleet Tracker to make timely deliveries and exceed client expectations with outstanding customer service. Watch the Vice President of Post Production explain.

At a glance

  • Transportation Industry
  • Fleet of 19 trucks, founded in 1978
  • Fleet Tracker solution implemented
  • Gained increased efficiency in driver routing
  • Decreased fuel costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction with email alerts

Since 1978, Rosa Flora has been in the flower delivery business. It currently has a fleet of 19 trucks, making deliveries in Canada and across the border to the U.S. with a time frame of 12-hour per delivery. With the Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker, the company gained visibility on all of their fleet operations, together with the capability to analyse routes, making them more efficient and getting to customers quicker. The increased customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and email notifications continue to contribute to the company’s business success.

Rosa Flora is using Fleet Tracker solution to optimize delivery routes, save on fuel and DOT fines.