Who They Are and What They Do

Boers GbR is a company based in Germany, offering services in the field of landscape maintenance, tree felling, forestry, and energy wood trading. Boers was founded in 2008 as a family business by Leo and Andreas Boers, farmer and forestry masters. With a team of 10 employees operating various machinery, their fleet includes mobile excavators, trucks, sprinters, and passenger cars.



What They Were Looking For

With a diverse fleet, Boers was finding it difficult to keep track of machinery, customer projects, and how much time was being spent with a customer.

When asked about their challenges, Andreas Boers described, “It was more effort because a lot of information had to be compiled manually and written on paper,” Boers continued, “With all of our machines, we were looking for a better way to use them more efficiently, but also make the whole operation cost effective.

Boers needed a solution that would eliminate manual processes. Moving to automated data collection would allow them to:

  • optimize the use of vehicles and machines,
  • increase billing accuracy,
  • respond faster to customer requests,
  • reduce operation costs.

Solution & Benefits

With the implementation of Fleet Complete’s Drive & Track, Boers were able to achieve the automation they were looking for. “It gives me security that I have certain data that I can use,” Boers said about the Fleet Complete solution.

With data automation, Boers was able to streamline many of its processes. For one, invoicing became much more efficient.

“At the end of the day, we can trace back what work has been done and what hours were needed,” said Boers. “This helps us generate more accurate invoices. It acts as evidence to the customer of where the work has been completed and for how long the job lasted.”

Along with invoicing, keeping track of company vehicles and machines was also simplified with Drive & Track. “Our machines are more efficient now. We can plan and understand routes better,” said Boers. “You don’t have to make a phone call anymore and ask, ‘are you at the location?'”

Theft prevention is another benefit to their efficient vehicle and machine tracking. Boers referred to this perk, saying, “By implementing Drive & Track, the machines do not move at unauthorized times or leave our operational area without our knowledge.

Ultimately, Fleet Complete has helped increase the overall efficiency of Boers by improving invoice procedures, optimizing the use of vehicles and machines, preventing theft, and reducing operating costs.