Who They Are & What They Do

J.R. Company GmbH is a courier and delivery service company, headquartered in Karlsdorf, Austria. Founded in 2002 and partnered with UPS since 2004, J.R. Company services Styria, Carinthia and East Tyrol. As the company has grown to its current size of around 180 employees and a fleet of 120 vehicles, their service offerings have extended to include vehicle rental and auto repair and maintenance services.

What They Were Looking For

With a growing fleet, J.R. Company was looking for a solution to help manage their fuel and maintenance costs.

“Before implementing the system, we could not evaluate driving behavior. I was wondering how to save fuel costs. And then I recognized that the only solution would be a GPS system,” says Günter Flicker, Fleet Manager at J.R. Company.

Optimizing route efficiency was also a priority, as it helps not only save time and reduce maintenance needs, but also is environmentally friendly. Johann Reisinger, Founder of J.R Company, says, “We deliver 5,000-6,000 packages a day. It is very important for us to be sustainable for the future.”

Solution & Benefits

With the use of the Fleet Tracker, Reisinger says, “We can plan better, better organize the routes, put fewer kilometers on the road, and see a great deal of savings.”

Flicker echoes these sentiments, adding, “With the Fleet Tracker, I have details such as drivers’ speed and speeding violations, acceleration habits, sharp turns, and idling time. I can explain these things to the drivers and see how their driving actually improves every week as a result.”

He continues, “Since implementing this system, we have reduced vehicle wear and tear by 30%. We’ve seen how the amount of vehicle maintenance required is directly correlated with the driver’s behaviour, and we’ve benefited from a cost reduction of up to 50%.”

J.R. Company has saved a significant amount on fuel since incorporating the Fleet Tracker. Flicker breaks it down, saying, “Our fleet drives about 26,000 kilometers in total per day, putting our fuel costs at approximately 3,500 euros daily. Thanks to the Fleet Tracker, we save between 300 to 400 euros a day, annually reducing our fuel cost by 10% – which amounts to savings of up to 90,000 euros a year.”

Ultimately, the Fleet Tracker has enhanced the overall function of J.R. Company, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, optimizing routes, and improving driver performance.