Know where your fleet goes
Know what your fleet does

The Fleet Tracker GPS-based technology, enables you
to track the physical location of your vehicles and mobile
workforce in real-time.

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Another Satisfied Customer

Destiny Resources saves $250k in fuel consumption and maintenance with Fleet Complete.


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Comprehensive solutions for your delivery or field-services business

Manage your mobile workforce in-field operations with our
user-friendly, enterprise-grade software solution.


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Do you know where your high-value assets are?

No matter what business you are in, equipment theft can hurt you.

Track your high-value assets in real-time with Asset Tracker. Avoid unexpected financial losses and run your business with peace of mind.

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Create a point of interest using Geofences.

With the Geo-fencing feature, mark any point of interest on the map. Set up alerts to inform you of pick-ups, drop-offs or any other event, within that area.

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