What were you up to this summer?


Many people ask themselves this question, not many however are fortunate enough to have made memories that will last a lifetime. Here at Fleet Complete, several wonderful summer students have made a huge impact, forged new friendships and gained key skills that will carry them forward in their bright futures. Each student joined in April or May, expecting to manage reports, work with clients, email and prepare presentation decks… what they accomplished was so much more. While some had family or friends that worked within the company, few had known what the ‘behind the scenes’ world of Fleet Complete looked like. Now, having wrapped up their summer term with us as experts in the business and primes in each of their respective areas of the business.


Some came in with some previous experience in corporate capacities, while others managed the workload and accountabilities of their school responsibilities alone. Today, these summer students have each made a considerable impact in their departments and in the company as whole, which means their impact extends far beyond Fleet Complete HQ’s (headquarters) in Toronto and well into the 15 countries where we are present. Congrats to all the wonderful students, now young professionals that made FC their launchpad this summer – we wish you the best and can’t wait to see you at our Annual Holiday Party.

Their encounters at FC are detailed below.


“I was challenged with the task of creating the installation document for Sales Representatives and Installers for the new Universal Cables to be sold to our clients. In the past, I have been involved with fundraising and student-government projects, but I have never had people with influential positions rely on me to complete a task. However, daunting this task was, I felt empowered by my teammates and supported by my resources to successfully deliver a clear and concise guide to be distributed. This project equipped me with the confidence to then answer questions and speak about the document on large group calls. This experience is one that I will bring with me as I grow in my career.

The fact that FC has been one of the Greater Toronto’s Top Employers three years in a row is not a surprise to me at all. The atmosphere here cultivates joy, creativity, and collaboration. Within the first week, I became close friends with many of the other summer students. Since then, our network of friends has expanded so that no walk down the hallway goes without a “hi” to a neighbour. Through walks to the boardwalk during lunchtime, participating in FC vs Telus sports games, and playing on our very own “FC United” soccer team, I have grown very fond of Fleet Complete. The thought of September coming around the corner makes me sad, knowing that I will be departing from the spirit and liveliness of FC!”


– Julia Yacoub 


“The experience I gained while working at Fleet Complete is astounding. From software development, to developing interpersonal skills, it has been a pleasure working in such a fun working environment. During my time here, I felt valued as an employee, and was provided countless learning opportunities. The support from my colleagues and team leader allowed me to grow my skillset, while also producing useful applications to the company. Overall, I developed many skills from this amazing internship here at Fleet Complete, and was an excellent experience overall.”



– George Trieu


“Victoria and I came here expecting simple work doing data entry, or “keyboard work”, for the data team for four months. However, our time at Fleet Complete allowed us to experience a lot more than we thought! We learned many different things, from SQL coding and how to better our communication skills. We got to help the data team in their work with FLEX by cleaning up the databases. Also, we got to help with some data analysis that will go towards creating a marketing strategy. Another big project that we just got to tackle was cleaning up the supply closet!


And although we’ve learned so much at Fleet Complete, I think something Victoria and I will forever keep with us is the environment. Everyone at FC is so kind and welcoming, and the friends we’ve made are ones we hope to never forget.”


– Hannah Hassan

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