Dispatch-Mate by Infosite Technologies is a transportation management software that facilitates everything from dispatching to invoicing.

  • Language Available: English, French
  • Country Available: Canada, United States
  • Category: Integrations
  • Features: GPS Tracking
Infosite Technologies.

Dispatch-Mate allows to locate drivers, trucks, equipment and verify trip statuses in real time. Integrating with Fleet Complete, Dispatch-Mate application is able to collect vital GPS data on client’s vehicle and employee location, displaying it on the Dispatch-Mate map for a complete operational visibility. By tying GPS and odometer readings from Fleet Complete, Dispatch-Mate can utilize this information to better maintain their fleet using DM Maintenance. This synthesis provides mutual clients with an optimal transportation management solution that interfaces with various Infosite applications such as Dispatch-Mate, DM Maintenance and Service Mate. This helps with scheduling, administration, accounting, dispatching and real-time status information on drivers, vehicles and equipment.


  • Seamless integration with Dispatch-Mate
  • Allows to locate drivers, trucks, equipment and verify trip statuses in real-time in one application
  • Vehicle maintenance management
Screen grab of Infosite integration.