Fleet Sharing

Leverage our Fleet Sharing reservation software for the most cost-effective operation of your company’s fleet. Put idle vehicles to use, unburden financial budgets and reduce your carbon footprint.

Key Features

  • Virtual Reservation Manager

  • RFID Card (no keys required)

  • Vehicle Use Reports

  • Maintenance Alerts

Optimize your fleet

With visibility into the actual vehicle use among employees, you can gauge your realistic business needs and better serve the internal organization through real-time information flows. Reports on the vehicle use enable you to budget, plan and better distribute resources for optimal balance sheets. Experience up to 20% more fleet efficiency and decrease your fleet’s CO2 footprint.

Fleet Sharing Map ScreenShot
  • Easy to use

    Your employees are able to book a car 24 hours a day. No collection of keys or manual trip registration.

  • Easy to manage

    Locate your vehicles at any time. Get transparent and reliable data on individual users, mileage and fuel consumption.

  • Economies of scale

    See drastic cost savings with a fleet that is optimized.

  • Less paperwork

    Fully automated logging system. Costs are electronically allocated to the right resource or a group of resources.

graphic illustrating a truck and a clock
graphic illustrating a truck and a pie chart
graphic illustrating lined up trucks
graphic illustrating mobile devices

Have your own virtual fleet manager

Always know where the vehicles are, who booked them and for how long. Get insight into fleet spending and economies for optimal business analysis.

Ensure your employees' safety

The system will monitor vehicle health by recording the need for maintenance, repairs or fuel. This ensures a safe and well-functioning fleet for your employees.

graphic illustrating way that operations will benefits from the Fleet Sharing solution, like scheduled maintenance management, timely refueling and overall efficient operations
  • Book a trip

    Book a trip from A to B, with departure and arrival dates through a user-friendly application.

  • Reserve

    The software determines which car is available and completes the reservation.

  • Collect the car

    Pick up the allocated car on the day with a personal RFID card that unlocks the vehicle.

  • Record the trip

    Details of the trip will be electronically recorded in the registration system.

screenshot of Fleet Sharing app to book a trip
screenshot of Fleet Sharing app to reserve a vehicle
screenshot of vehicle collection locations in the Fleet Sharing app
screenshot of Fleet Sharing app trip information

How it works

The MGS30 is specifically designed for fleet sharing, enabling the driver with a reservation to open and start the vehicle using an RFID card. It enables accurate vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring.