Reaching New Heights


This spring, we’re heading for new heights – literally and figuratively!

In our new Fleet Complete sponsorship, we’ll be following an ultra-endurance athlete and medical practitioner from Greece, Dr. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos, in his Mt Everest climbing expedition through April-May 2019. Moreover, we’re tracking his ascent from day one on the 3D map below, so that you can follow his summit closely with us and not miss out on all the action. The expedition will start towards a Base Camp on April 17 from Lhasa (3,950m), crossing high passes of Tibet.

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Due to 3D mapping, please view on a PC or a tablet for better user experience. Click on the compass toggle below to zoom in and out, rotate and drag map view.

Let’s introduce our protagonist, Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos. Certified in Expedition and Travel Medicine, he has been involved in ultra-sporting challenges for more than a decade, pushing the boundaries of human limits and our understanding of performance under extreme conditions like severe cold, heat, exhaustion and lack of oxygen.

Everest is not an enigma for Tsianos. He has successfully reached its summit back in 2004, collaborating with the Olympic Games Committee to commemorate the hosting of summer Olympics in Athens. This is his second attempt, where he’ll also take part in the LMAX Everest Rugby Challenge as a medic.

For Georgios’ full bio, visit and follow him on Instagram.