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School bus fleet with fleet management software.

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Looking for a reliable solution to monitor the routes your school buses are taking? Do your drivers have a sure way of ensuring their vehicles are safe and sound before starting their trip? With our all-in-one fleet management solution you can download accurate reports of all stops made by your bus drivers, have proof of your buses following the safety procedures at railway crossings, being ready for audits, and more - all from one screen. 

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Monitor and manage your buses’ location, status and behavior on the road

School bus engine data (ecm) and school fleet maintenance software.

Capture engine data and automate maintenance based on engine hours or mileage

Improve end-of-day check and ensure no students are left behind

school bus alerts and gps tracking.

Track buses stopping and door opening at railway crossings

School bus pto sensor for stop-arm.

Have proof of school bus stop-arm engagement at every pick-up or drop-off stop

AT&T Fleet Complete solutions specifically designed for school bus transportation, such as stop-arm sensor, door sensors and in-vehicle driver behavior buzzer alerts, allow the drivers to be better equipped to ensure safe transportation for students to and from school.

AT&T Fleet Complete

School Bus Solution

GPS Fleet Tracker MGS800: works on the LTE network and captures vehicle location, engine hours, fuel consumption and data from additional sensors

Front/back door and stop-arm sensor: logs the door status, and the times and location where the stop-arm and lights are engaged

SafeStop and Transfinder integration*: Data is captured by the Fleet Tracker and is pushed into the third-party systems through open API

Child CheckMate integration: assists a driver in completing an internal inspection sweep to ensure no students are left behind

Bi-directional camera: monitors and records GPS and time-stamped instances of aggressive driving behavior

Driver panic button: allows a driver to quickly notify stakeholders of an emergency on-board the bus

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report: helps streamline Pre/Post-Trip inspections and logs reports for audits

Enhanced Push-to-Talk: instant communication with multiple drivers in the field from one screen

More than just fleet tracking

Feature-rich and versatile AT&T Fleet Tracker integrates with your vehicle’s Engine Control Module providing your fleet managers with detailed vehicle status by reporting on 19 different engine data points such as oil level, engine temperature and more.

Fleet Vehicle Tracker with white background.

Instant communication with field staff

AT&T Fleet Complete with the AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk mobile resource management solution provides an efficient communication add-on to help improve fleet productivity and dispatch operations. Reach out to your field staff or hold a conference with multiple drivers in the field with one click.

Remove guesswork from post-trip child check

Our solution for school bus fleets includes a physical key switch installed at the back of the bus that logs each time a driver engaged the switch during a post-trip check. 

AT&T Fleet Tracker can also integrate with a Child Check-Mate* switch that the driver has to turn off with a press a button at the back of the bus in order to finish a trip. Once the driver performs the post-trip check, our solution logs the time and the location of this action for future audits. This helps to standardize the post-trip check and gives the school fleet managers and drivers the proof of inspection, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring compliance with the safety regulation.

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Edgewood Independent School District

Edgewood Independent School District in Texas uses 61 Fleet Trackers to reduce costs, increase security for their police constables and students, and enhance their operational efficiency.

“With the help of Fleet Complete, the Chief of police was able to seewhere the police cruiser was and he dispatched help right away.Previously we wouldn’t had been able to do this,” – Adam Galvan Jr., Director of Technology

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School bus fleet post-trip check hardware for fleet management.

* Child Check-Mate has to be purchased separately. AT&T Fleet Complete integrates with Child Check-Mate switch and logs data in the system for trip reporting. Ask us for more details.

According to the 2015-2016 National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey, 75% of student fatalities, while on their way to or from school, were attributed to the school bus. Those involving ‘other vehicle’ were 25%.

In 2015, in Houston, two students were killed and three injured in a driving accident, when a school bus swerved off an overpass and landed on its side. Meanwhile in Whitter, in the same year, a student with autism died after being left inside a bus in 96-degree heat because the driver failed to perform the mandatory sweep after completing the route. The school bus driver was sentenced to 2 years in state prison.

[We] are looking into the feasibility of a technology system that will further safeguard against such instances,” PK Diffenbaugh, Monterey Peninsula School District superintendent wrote after an incident, where an 11-year old girl was forgotten on a bus at Monterey school bus yard.

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Watch the recording of this 1-hour session to discover how a fleet management solution can help ensure student safety aboard the school bus and help drivers conform to regulatory compliance. Get first-hand insight from our guest speaker - Wendell Cox, author of Demographia World Urban Areas, author of "The Evolving Urban Form" series on, and a well-respected figure within public authorities - on evolving urban public policies and support for adopting transport policies to help improve the standard of living in cities and urban areas.

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Webinar: Benefits of GPS fleet management in school bus transportation industry

Turnkey fleet management solution for school bus fleets

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