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Fleet Complete for Ford Vehicles is a web-based fleet management integration that leverages Ford’s standard, factory-fitted telematics hardware in the vehicle and connects it to Fleet Complete’s cloud platform for deeper analytics. It delivers granular vehicle data, business insights and reports without the worry of hardware costs or device installation.


World-Class Connected Platform

Leverage the power of Fleet Complete’s leading-edge cloud platform and Ford’s connectivity inside your vehicles for optimal business results. Get the actionable intelligence you need to make the best of your fleet productivity and vehicle utilization to make your operations more profitable. Now you can track all of your fleet assets on one interface and gain enhanced vehicle diagnostics to keep the downtime minimal with precise maintenance.

Streamline your billing
Fleet Complete reporting tools provide you with all of the key information, such as travel time, mileage, fuel consumption, onsite arrival and duration. Now you can easily track your expenses and revenue as well as have faster and more accurate billing.

Enhanced diagnostics

Fleet Complete’s enhanced diagnostics, tailored to Ford vehicles, will give you granular insight into your vehicle components and alert you to any potential issues. Now you can address maintenance precisely where needed before a serious breakage occurs to avoid costly repairs and prolonged downtime.

No long-term contract requirement

Enjoy immediate onboarding with no long-term contract obligation. Fleet Complete for Ford is easily activated on most Ford vehicles.

Safety & Security
Monitor aggressive driving behavior and review individual performance to keep your drivers safe, your vehicles healthy, and your business reputation optimal.

Any fleet size
This is a scalable solution for fleets of all sizes and in any industry. Manage all of your assets on one web platform and scale as you grow.

Increase Your Fleet Uptime

When you have full visibility into your fleet, you can utilize your vehicles more effectively and avoid having underused assets. You can manage risk behaviors on the road to avoid the accelerated vehicle wear and tear that increases repair downtime. With our predictive diagnostics, you are also able to maintain your vehicles better to keep your fleet running like a well-oiled machine.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

There are many costs associated with your fleet, such as fuel, maintenance, insurance fees, and work hours. Now you can optimize routes, maximize performance, and monitor excessive fuel usage to eliminate wasteful patterns and potentially save on insurance with good driver scorecards. You will also receive detailed trip reports that you can leverage for more economical logistics and efficient dispatching.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Running your business profitably and getting ahead of your competition means knowing all ins and outs. With the Fleet Complete platform, you will have access to the most value-add information on your fleet to propel your business forward and give it a competitive edge in the niche.


Solution Components

Gain a holistic view of your fleet activity in real-time as well as historically to keep your vehicle health optimal, driver performance at its best, and your business operations efficient and cost-effective.

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