TransPlus specializes in developing and supporting software for the transportation industry, helping optimize labour-intensive and manual processes like order entry, load tracking, invoicing and accounting.

  • Products: Fleet Tracker
  • Language Available: English
  • Country Available: Canada, United States
  • Category: Integrations
  • Features: Dispatch, Driver Identification, GPS Tracking

Among many other capabilities, TransPlus software helps simplify logistics and order entry for transportation companies. By pulling in active waybills from TransPlus, the Fleet Complete system is able to display not only the current location of every in-field vehicle, but the unique waybill associated with them. Conversely, TransPlus customers are able to locate vehicles dedicated to their particular cargo and waybills at any time.

screenshot with a tracking map displaying vehicle locations


  • Advanced tracking of carriers and work orders associated with them
  • Complete visibility for clients and dispatchers
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Ability to locate assets in relation to work being done