Axon offers the trucking industry a feature-rich software that includes dispatch, accounting, IFTA fuel tax, customized reports, EDI, ACE/ACI Manifest and equipment routing.

  • Language Available: English
  • Country Available: Canada, United States
  • Category: Integrations
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Axon logo: Real-time trucking software.

Integrating with Fleet Complete’s GPS tracking system allows Axon to display client’s real-time vehicle location in their application. Fleet Complete transmits all mobile data to the Axon interface, where clients have a detailed view of their fleet activity. All information is transferred and updated automatically between the two systems, eliminating the need for manual administration and calling-in with the drivers. GPS update frequency is customizable up to 5 minute intervals.


  • Seamless integration with Axon
  • Automated near real-time activity updates
  • Provides granular visibility into assets monitored in the Axon application
Laptop with a screenshot of a fleet complete tracking map with a display of a vehicle's trip.