Time Tracker

Learn about Fleet Complete Time Tracker – a cost-effective solution for resource management, designed to automate employee time sheets, estimate project costs and timelines, and improve billing accuracy.

Key Features

  • Automated Time Sheets

  • Cost Tracking

  • Integrated Billing

  • Activity Pattern Detection

Intelligent administration

Access up-to-date time sheets of individual employees and oversee the performance of multiple workers assigned to a project. Improve workload distribution and decrease overtime costs. Eliminate manual logs of driving time, mileage and actual labour time.

Time Tracker Work Week Report - Chart on desktop
  • For the Employee

    Eliminates manual administration and automatically allocates travel and work time.

  • For the Employer

    Gives a comprehensive view of the project status versus deadlines and allocates tasks to resources.

Time Tracker app op mobiel apparaat.
Time Tracker time allocation chart

Time clock re-invented

Time Tracker is a state-of-the-art solution for tracking travel time and working hours. Ideal for businesses with mobile employees, it records all activities from start to finish and allocates resources to specific projects – fully automatic and accurate down to the minute.

Tracking of project cost

With the automatic administration of resources, you are able to compare the actual project costs against its initial estimates and accurately manage expectations regarding delivery times and budgets, as the project moves along.

Time Tracker Project Management Chart
  • Track actual billing hours

    Automate records to accurately track work and travel times.

  • Avoid overtime costs

    Keep overhead costs down with increased visibility on actual labour hours.

  • Simplify complex processes

    Calculate work and travel times with complex rules and regulations.

Time tracker billing hours chart
Time Tracker Overtime chart
Time Tracker billing hours chart

Accurate billing and invoicing

Make fast and accurate payments with the right metrics and an integrated accounting software.

Driver behavior patterns

The smart sensor technology of Time Tracker learns driver’s activity patterns with regards to travel and location to automatically log the duration of each activity type in their time sheet.

graphic illustrating driver actions covered by the Time Tracker solution
Screen showing Time Tracker reports.


The implemented tracking sensors continuously feed raw field data into the Fleet Complete portal, enabling managers to generate necessary reports and evaluate fleet and employee productivity for optimal business results.