Hours of Service (HoS)

With 20+ U.S. State and Canadian province rules to choose from, Fleet Complete Hours of Service (HoS) can help you be ahead of the curve and get your business ELD ready today.

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Key Features

  • Automatic Driver Logs

  • Roadside Inspection Mode

  • Automated DVIR Reporting

  • Asset Management

  • Dispatching

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Electronic Records

  • Audit Reports

  • Driver Dashboard

    Displays detailed overview of the current status, hours driven and available drive time, based on selected HoS rule.

  • IoT Connectivity

    Drivers are able to email their daily logs to an inspector or a manager through their smartphones or other file sharing apps, such as dropbox.

  • Reporting

    Provides a grid view of driver logs and sends summary reports on drive time, events, violations and mileage.

  • Log edits

    Drivers are always in control of the HoS device and can edit logs with a reason code, such as weather, emergency or deferral.

HoS app dashboard - Mobile
HoS app - daily logs
HoS app daily report - Mobile
HoS log changes report

HoS App

The Hours of Service app is your driver’s safety and compliance manager that automates the record of duty logbooks. By collecting engine hours and odometer readings from the vehicle, it feeds the information into the mobile app to accurately display drive time, driving cycle and shift.

Quicker Roadside Inspections

Vehicle inspections can be time-consuming, delay loads and affect time-sensitive cargo. With our HoS device, critical information is accessible at a touch of a screen, making roadside inspections more efficient with minimal paperwork. The driver is able to lock the app for inspector’s review and only display information required, keeping private data secure.

Dvir screen on tablet
  • Regular updates in the app

    Fleet Complete HoS app is continuously updated on the latest regulations to meet all ELD requirements.

  • Minimal paperwork

    With automated logs, drivers can spend less time on manual reporting and more time on driving.

  • Efficiency of load planning

    Having real-time visibility on driver’s duty status allows for optimal load planning while staying HoS compliant.

  • Financial risks management

    Avoid hefty FMCSA fines and penalties. Be audit ready at all times. Get the most accurate IFTA reporting for tax breaks.

HoS regulations track
HoS app signed screen
Driver availability list
HoS audit

Easy transition to ELD compliance

Fleet Complete HoS is an easy-to-use integrated solution that automates time-consuming processes, ensures interstate and cross-border regulation compliance in both, the US and Canada, and provides access to all vital reports in one device.

Automatic DVIR

The Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is a mandatory vehicle defect inspection that is automated with Fleet Complete HoS. Drivers can log minor and major defects using the application, prompting an automatic notification to the company’s mechanic or manager to schedule a service appointment. Once defects are repaired, the mechanic will update the request status in the portal, making it instantly visible to dispatchers.

HoS unit inspection screen - Mobile
HoS signature Screen
Vehicle maintenance report
  • Vehicle diagnostics

    Automated pre-trip, trip and post-trip reports, outlining minor and major vehicle defects.

  • Mechanic portal

    Mechanics can manage all repair requests coming in from drivers directly and sign them off when completed.

  • Maintenance reports

    Drivers can send a defect maintenance request from their mobile device.