Fleet Tracker

Would you like to know where your vehicles are at any given moment? Always plan the best routes and minimise fuel consumption? Automate time-consuming labour? With Fleet Tracker your business can operate efficiently and profitably straight away.

Key Features

  • Live Map

  • Real-Time Alerts

  • Easy Installation

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Reports

  • Driver ID

  • Geofencing

  • Sensory Status

  • Driving behaviour

  • Fleet Route Replay

  • Garmin Integration

  • Location Tracking

Locate your vehicles in an instant

Supported by a sophisticated GPS software, this user-friendly fleet tracking solution provides near real-time information on all of your fleet activities. The intuitive online interface allows your dispatchers to view the exact location of your drivers at any given moment and operate more efficiently, sending the closest and the most qualified driver to the job.

Mobile map view of Fleet Tracker
  • Monitor driver performance

    With detailed reporting on all driver activities you will be able to effectively manage risks associated with adverse driving habits and improve overall fleet performance.

  • Unauthorized activity alert

    Get instantly notified on any unwanted asset activity to prevent theft or after-hours use.

  • In-vehicle driver coaching

    Improve driver performance with in-vehicle coaching through real-time alerts.

  • Accident notifications

    Immediate crash notifications and second-by-second data retrieval allow you to take the necessary steps in a timely fashion.

chart displaying the percentage of fleet idling in a period of time
graphic illustrating a vehicle moving outside the job site
illustration of a sound alert going off when a driving rule has been broken
illustration of a text message notification in case of a vehicle accident

Improve safety

Employee safety is critical to any fleet operations. Using Fleet Tracker will provide visibility into driver conduct in order to facilitate good driving habits and to provide coaching where needed for optimal performance. Curbing adverse driving behaviour will help avoid accidents, vehicle damage, fuel waste, and incurred costs.

Enhance customer satisfaction

The smooth running of your fleet is your ultimate business card. Fleet Complete ensures your fleet’s optimal performance so that you can provide the best customer service to your client base. Efficient dispatching, on-time deliveries, and safe on-road conduct will give your business a competitive advantage in the niche and help boost profits.

  • Reduce fuel costs

    Monitor driver behaviour linked to increased fuel costs.

  • Detect engine issues fast

    Quickly identify and locate engine issues to save on vehicle inspection time and costs.

  • Manage vehicle health

    Proactively schedule maintenance to ensure the optimal number of vehicles on the road at any time.

illustration depicting fuel savings
illustration depicting engine error alert
illustration depiciting vehicle health

Reduce your fleet operating costs

Measuring the return that your vehicles provide for your business is a key component of a successful fleet management. With sensor-to-machine communication, the devices in your vehicle will gather and interpret data for you, informing of necessary actions to take. You will be able to significantly reduce your operating costs by isolating areas of waste and proactively identifying areas of risk.

Installation and expandability suited to your needs

Our easily installed device is suited to every business type. We recognise that no two businesses have identical operational requirements, nor that today’s needs will remain the same in the future. Our comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform features sophisticated technology that enables you to add on features, functionalities, and sensors to your base solution as your capacity and business requirements change.

Illustration depicting product add-on expansion capability
  • Fleet performance

    Comprehensive analysis of vehicle performance based on key metrics and events.

  • Point of interest

    Report on assets present at a particular location within the specified working hours.

  • Efficiency analysis

    Key performance metrics that help identify areas of improvement and streamline operations.

Laptop showing fleet performance report.
Laptop showing fleet idling report.


Get down to the substance of your fleet operations. Our platform will provide up to 41 detailed reports on all data, including sensor readings, recorded events, and interactions. Create and customise reports based on your management team needs and gain actionable business intelligence.