Inspect Mobile App

Create greater efficiency in your vehicle inspection process! Inspect by Fleet Complete is a stand-alone mobile application that can be used by itself as a tool to uphold vehicle safety standards for your business, or act as a compliment to your ELD solution for more accurate and detailed reporting.

Key Features

  • Automated DVIR Reporting

  • Electronic Record Keeping

  • Digital Signatures & File Sharing

  • Regulatory Compliance

Laptop screen showing signed DVIR report.

Quick and easy DVIR inspection

Inspect by Fleet Complete is specifically designed to make the vehicle inspection protocol faster and more accurate for drivers who need to be on the road daily. This mobile application simplifies the cumbersome paper-based inspection process with a few clicks on a streamlined interface, allowing the driver to sign off on the report straight in the app without any intermediaries. Its fully integrated functionality allows managers to view the report in the head office within seconds.

  • Reports

    One can review up to 7 days’ worth of reports at a time.

  • Direct sign-off

    Drivers are able to sign off on the report straight in the app.

  • Roadside Inspection Mode

    Locking the app to show the inspector completed reports for the last 48 hours.

  • Full integration

    Drivers are able to select any asset available in Fleet Complete Web portal or Desktop through the mobile app.

DVIR fleet vehicle maintenance reports on iPhone.
Phone with mobile signature.
Phone listing vehicle inspection reports.
DVIR fleet vehicle maintenance reports on iPhone.

ELD compliance

The Inspect application acts as a great complement to the Fleet Complete ELD solution for pre- and post-trip reports. It is fully integrated with the Fleet Complete Web platform and complies with the standard U.S and Canadian rules. It delivers a more elaborate inspection report than the one provided within the ELD solution and locks driver’s private information for the roadside inspection.

Logs made easy

The Inspect app has a very uncomplicated, cascading logic, allowing drivers to log minor and major defects with comments against a chosen ELD rule, or mark them as not applicable. Fleet managers and supervisors receive an instant status update and are able to review previously logged defects for the vehicle, even when the driver is different.

DVIR in-trip inspection screenshot on an iphone.
  • Repairs made

    Review the repairs made by a mechanic and keep or reject them.

  • Inspection reports

    View the repairs on the vehicle inspection report.

Laptop displaying Mecanic Portal.
Laptop displaying Mecanic Portal.

Mechanic Portal

Easily manage your vehicle maintenance and repairs online. After drivers complete their routine minor/major defect logs, they become accessible on the Mechanic Portal. From there, a mechanic can select any vehicle from the list and view all the repairs needed without intermediaries. The mechanic can sign off straight in the portal, prompting a notification to the driver of the repairs made, which the driver can keep or reject.

Supported devices

Inspect by Fleet Complete can be easily downloaded from the Apple or GooglePlay stores. It runs on both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, and is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Apple and Android compatibility icon.