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Video telematics


One image worth a thousand words. A reliable video solution for your fleet safety and driver coaching.

See what really happened

Keeping your drivers and cargo safe, as well as mitigating risks on the road, are top priority for fleet owners. Crashes, collisions, repairs and severe injuries can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars per incident.

Fleet Complete Vision will equip you with a pair of eyes in the work field to document what actually happens, while helping coach drivers en route with an in-cab voice assistance.

Limitless options

We adapt to your preferences! Use your own mobile device, and the Vision app will guide you through the recording process. Opt for a dedicated mounted camera, and it will automate the entire process for you, synchronizing with the Vision app automatically.

Vision App and Dashcam.

Video Event Capture

When an accident happens, it is not only your vehicle that is being damaged. It negatively affects your insurance premiums, driver safety scores, and the company’s reputation. Fines, liability costs and employee payouts can put a significant dent in your revenue stream. Contextual video data can help significantly reduce risks associated with aggressive driving and deliver in-cab driver assistance when needed.
  • insurance paperwork

    Not-at-fault claims

    What if your driver is not at fault but cannot prove it? Video event capture in Fleet Complete Vision provides a potential line of defence in a litigation.
  • risk - alert

    Risk management

    With advanced visual analytics, your drivers are able to make better decisions on the road. The ADAS voice coaching helps manage adverse driving behaviours, such as Traffic Speed Violation, Rolling Stops, Harsh Braking, Tailgating, Lane Departure and Harsh Acceleration.
  • payment - cost

    Cost-effective solution for any fleet

    While premium options are available, you have the option to use personal smartphone devices or a dedicated windshield-mounted camera. All you need is to download the mobile application to start using Fleet Complete Vision.
  • Driver behavior.
  • Speeding.
  • alert
  • piggy bank

Reduce your insurance and liability costs

Hazardous driving behaviour can increase your insurance and liability costs. Empowering your mobile crew with a system that will help ensure a safer environment for your fleet will allow you to take strides towards accident-free operations.

  • Asset location.
  • Connected car.
  • Timesheets.
  • Growth opportunities.

Run a more profitable business

Your clients look for a service that is safe and runs like a well-oiled machine. Fleet Complete Vision will give you the visibility you need to nurture better customer relations, give your business better credibility, and increase fleet uptime to improve profitability.

  • eye
  • camera
  • driver

Coach your fleet drivers to be the best

Give your drivers an extra pair of eyes on the road and an in-cab coaching system that will help improve their on-road behaviour. They can replay their infractions, big and small, after each trip in the mobile app and see improvements as they progress. Give yourself and your drivers all the tools in the toolbox!

Solution Components

The solution integrates seamlessly with the Fleet Complete platform as an add-on to your regular vehicle tracking. This will furnish your fleet managers with a comprehensive view of all in-field operations, where they can detect and review events as they happened.
infographic featuring 2 vehicles and arrows highlighting key features of the solution

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