Achieve optimal efficiency and automate all administration for your mobile employees. Ideal for those working on assignment basis, this unique software system integrates task processing, order specifications and client invoicing, enabling error-free operations and effective performance of your workforce.

Key Features

  • Digital processing of tasks and assignments

  • Automated administration

  • Accurate invoicing and payroll

  • Connection to the ERP invoicing system

  • Integrated GPS navigation for optimal routing

  • Paperless and error-free operations

  • Digital signatures and file sharing

  • Comprehensive reporting

Complete automation of processes

FieldMobile is a software system specifically designed to help automate assignment processing and administration for your mobile workers. You will be able to digitally monitor and distribute tasks to your mobile employees, while having a complete overview of all operations, vehicles, routes, assignments and work progress.

Transparency and simplicity

FieldMobile provides visibility to managers as well as employees on the assignments to be completed, their estimated duration and necessary specifications for the job. The inbuilt GPS navigation system will allow you to efficiently manage routes and see significant savings in time and money. With automatic digital reporting on all activities, you will receive the most accurate calculations for invoicing and payroll, which can be connected directly to the ERP system.

Accuracy through paperless operations

By automating all administrative processes, you will not only eliminate paper trail, but operate with more efficiency and significantly increase the accuracy of reports, billing and invoicing.

  • Log in

    To start with assignments, employees will log into FieldMobile via their tablet.

  • Task display

    FieldMobile will display planned tasks, assignments and the estimated duration time for each.

  • Accept

    Employees can accept certain tasks and add any necessary information.

  • Built-in navigation

    GPS tracker, installed into the vehicle, provides the most optimal routing to job locations.

navigatie fieldmobile

How it works

Installing FieldMobile on a tablet provides the in-field workers with a complete overview of planned assignments, including estimated time to completion and any requirement specifications. The workers are also able to use the module to collect digital signatures from customers, receive additional request and supplementary files from the head office. Using FieldDesk, Fleet Complete’s central real-time database, enables you to integrate all management, time calculations and reporting into one digital platform.


FieldDesk collects all data from the vehicles and employees, automatically generating reports and calculations for administration.

  • Data

    FieldMobile allows to collect data, like digital signatures, as well as share files internally.

  • Billing

    Generated reports allow for efficient and accurate invoicing and payroll processes, and can be linked directly to the ERP system.