Whether you provide same day on-demand services, distribution, scheduled deliveries, dedicated fleet services or all of the above, Fleet Complete Dispatch can help you effectively manage it all.

Key Features

  • Service Management

  • Pricing Management

  • Order Management

  • Multi-Leg Route Optimization

  • Client Management

  • Resource Management

  • Billing Configuration

  • Package Management

Smart Routing

With our leading-edge GPS technology, you can establish the optimal route to a destination with the ability to make real-time adjustments as new orders come in. You gain instant visibility into any arising issues for each individual route/order, together with the actions taken to resolve them. You can even accommodate seasonal work with automatic start and end dates for routes operating by season.

Routing, Dispatch
  • Optimized distribution

    Automate distribution routes and easily re-organize stops as your capacity changes.

  • Dispatch zones

    Auto-assign work by geographical regions for packages, distribution routes and drivers.

  • Sophisticated billing & pricing modules

    Automate complex billing with multiple elements, such as service categories and zoning.

Distribution List Dispatch
Dispatch Map
Billing Matrices Dispatch

Automate complex operations

Save time by automating the creation of multi-leg routes and assigning orders to drivers with customized route templates. Define specific dispatch zone conditions and driver qualifications, needed to automatically connect the right person with the job at hand.

Resource Management

Upload driver’s certifications and licenses, including a notification upon expiry, to tailor your employee’s competencies to customer needs. Streamline your dispatch software to streamline the deployment of the most qualified driver for the pending job.

graphic illustrating resource management benefits like managing driver licenses, equipment certifications and deduction matrices
  • Work Items

    Define types of packages, products and services, automating your billing and payroll accordingly.

  • Arrival/Departure tracking

    Pickup and delivery with GPS verification.

  • Status Tracking

    Track a work item status on either ‘route’ or ‘order’ level.

  • Reason Codes

    Provide a standardized list of explanations for drivers on situations arising in the work field.

work items list in dispatch mobile app
status log in dispatch mobile app of driver departing a stop
order-status view in dispatch mobile app
driver delay reason code in dispatch mobile app

Order Management

This feature will allow you to competently manage orders and deliveries with classifications, profiling and integrated support for barcoded packages and signature captures.

Multi-Leg Route Customization

Design organized route support with options to specify driver service type per leg and separate settlement amounts per leg.

route customization module
  • Operational Dispatch Report

    View aggregated details on Orders, Client On Time, Branch On Time, Work by Client or Work by Branch.

  • Financial Dispatch Report

    View your gross profit by Branches or by Clients.

branch-on-time Dispatch report
Gross Profit Dispatch report


Get optimal insight into your performance management and run on-demand or scheduled reports.