Automate your planning of project and service orders with DeskPlan and process them without delay. Gain the optimal management tool that provides real-time cost tracking and progress status of projects to be completed.

Key Features

  • Maximum use of your field operations

  • Real-time cost overview

  • Optimized communication with your crew

  • Significant savings through paying for actual working hours

  • Timely adjustments of projects and reduction in overhead

Optimize your operations

Deskplan is a robust solution designed to automate work order management in one platform and help companies do more business with less resources. Dispatchers can manage work orders for multiple technicians from one screen and have a complete overview of activities in the field. With automation of routine processes, your operatives achieve effective time management and greater productivity. 

Calendar view

All tasks are scheduled by a dispatcher in a comprehensive calendar view in Deskplan. They appear in a chronological order in the driver’s FieldMobile app, helping your in-field employees better manage their day with a clearly defined agenda.

How it works

DeskPlan is a Fleet Complete program, which is installed locally on a desktop. It automatically synchronizes with the central database, allowing for operational synergy.

Deskplan planning op desktop
DeskPlan planning overview
  • Intuitive control

    Planner’s every action is immediately recognized by the software, providing speed in execution and work flow.

  • Speed

    The high speed is not affected by the quality of internet connection, used browser or Firewall settings.

  • Central data

    Synchronization with the central database eliminates the need for master file updates in multiple locations; everything is done centrally.


Real-time insight

With real-time insight into your order processing, you will be able to make assessments quickly, facilitate faster production and achieve optimal capacity for your business.

Key benefits

DeskPlan enables transparent operations and provides the ability to track in-field work, travel and individual activity. You can effectively monitor scheduled tasks and their progress status together with billing hours and project costs.

graphic displaying resources in a circle
graphic displaying a contract in a circle
graphic displaying circular arrows
graphic displaying a checklist in a circle
  • Well-equipped staff

    Provide your staff with the right tools and eliminate the need for outsourcing of external employees.

  • Status

    Order status updates in real-time.

  • Easy administration

    All information updates are automatically recorded, allowing for optimal and accurate administration.

  • Error-free

    Double entry is eliminated, minimizing the chance of errors.