Design, deploy and manage code-free mobile fillable forms and applications suited to your workflow at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions. With FieldWorker, you can save significant capital upfront and accelerate your return-on-investment.

Gateway to your data

All data within FieldWorker is accessible through Portal – a comprehensive tool to dispatch, review and report on your data. Define your own framework to ensure the right data gets to the right person at the right time. Take advantage of sophisticated scheduling, user assignment, status monitoring, GPS tracking and internal messaging, among many other features.

FieldWorker portal records of fillable forms and business mobile apps running on field workers' mobile devices.
FieldWorker data reporting software screenshot shown on mobile device.

Forms - where and when you want them

Work in On- or Off-line modes, as all the data is stored locally in a secure database and is synchronized to the server whenever a connection is available. To optimize network activity, only new and updated information is synchronized, pertaining to a specific field user. Synchronizations can be encrypted using RSA and ECC industry standards.


Development applications virtually and code-free, using our Designer tool. FieldWorker enables businesses to develop mobile apps tailored to their workflow in a fraction of the time it takes for custom code or code-based tools.

Mobile Fillable Form designer screen - Fleetcompelte fieldworker app shown on tablet mobile device.
FieldWorker Custom mobile fillable forms and data reporting solutions types.

Custom solutions

Our configurable framework is able to implement complex solutions. On top of the business logic customization available in Designer, we also provide web modules that are suited to your specific needs. These web modules allow users to work with FieldWorker in more ways than the standard installation.

Back-end integration

Flexibility to integrate into any open-ended back end system. FieldWorker provides a simple XML-based API, so that data can be handled through an easy and widely accepted format. This standard format allows you to send data to FieldWorker or extract data from integration mapping processes.

FieldWorker data reporting software back end integration graphic showing compatibility with different IoT sensors and platforms.