Asset Tracker

Our state-of-the-art Asset Tracker will help manage your heavy-duty equipment and alert you to theft. Connect to your assets and stay informed about the events that are mission-critical to your business.

Key Features

  • Live Status

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Adjustable Transmission

  • Motion Tracking

  • Geofencing

  • Self-Charging Battery

  • Alerts

  • Reports

Get optimal visibility on your assets

With the Fleet Complete IoT platform, you will know where your high-value assets are and what they are doing remotely. Check fuel level of generators and other equipment without having to be near them. Know when your devices need to be recharged without having to physically check them.

Mobile phone showing map view of Asset Tracker Software that's tracking assets. Excavator asset is pictured behind mobile phone.
  • Real-time status

    Be alerted to your equipment or container being moved outside of a designated area with our GPS asset tracking app.

  • Transmission adapted to your needs

    Adjustable frequency of transmission from asset tracker– hourly or daily. Get alerted to significant changes or asset tracking device being tampered with.

  • Motion-enabled setting

    Transmission starts when asset tracking device senses motion, and ends when the motion stops.

graphic illustrating an equipment management software's notification about an unauthorized movement of an asset outside a POI (Point of interest).
Graphic of tablet showing status and location of asset tracker, asset tracking software, on a tablet.
Google map showing an asset tracking device alerting of asset moving outside of a jobsite's geofence.

Loss and theft prevention

Avoid unforeseeable losses by knowing the real-time location and operational status of assets such as containers, trailers, bobcats and other moveable heavy equipment, powered or not. React quickly to any unauthorized activity, recover stolen assets in time, and avoid heavy replacement costs.

Protect the integrity of your cargo

Get alerted to temperature spikes, doors being open or closed, disconnection from the power source or any other event that can compromise stored or moveable contents.

Android smartphone with GPS Asset tracking app in front of trailer with door sensor and trailer monitoring device installed.
  • Point of Interest (POI)

    Get alerts from your asset tracking devices if assets move outside of the predetermined area.

  • Curfew

    Equipment management software tracks assets moving outside of business hours.

  • Temperature alert

    Get notified if asset tracking device senses that the asset’s temperature is too high or too low.

  • Fuel alert

    Know when your asset tracker senses that equipment’s fuel level is below the threshold.

vector graphic illustrating a Point of Interest for our asset tracking software's POI geofence.
Vector graphic illustrating a clock.
graphic illustrating an asset tracker with temperature IoT sensor alert reporting temperature change.
graphic illustrating a fuel sensor alert regarding fuel status.

Location-Based Rules

This sophisticated sensor-based feature allows you to define actions, situations and events that are mission-critical to your operations. You can customize and scale the rules to fit your unique business needs.

Long Battery Life

With a built-in charger, the Asset tracking device recharges whenever it is connected to power, even in sub-zero temperatures. It automatically notifies you of the charging activity and battery status via alerts. Since the device only transmits when it needs to, the activity-based transmission modes maximize battery life, making it serve longer in the field.

Asset Tracker AT1000 works with Fleet Complete's asset tracking software.
  • Position

    Snapshots of your assets and onsite equipment during specific times.

  • Customize Alerts for your tracking solution

    Notifications of events that are pre-set as critical.

  • Input

    Details of IoT sensor readings.

Laptop showing asset tracking software's screenshot of a trailer container's position, alongside onsite equipment.
Laptop showing screenshot of asset management software with report of equipment alerts.
Laptop with asset management software showing asset input report.


Create and customize reports based on your asset tracking needs. Schedule reoccurring reports and set up an e-mail distribution list.