Vehicle Operator Terms of Use

Fleet Complete® Vehicle Operator Terms of Use

The driver/vehicle operator acknowledges, understands and agrees that:

  • My employer or the corporate fleet owner or operator with which I am employed or contracted is using Fleet Complete® and related services with the vehicle operator’s vehicle.
  • Fleet Complete® and all related services are turned on all the time.
  • Fleet Complete® may send vehicle tracking and other information to Complete Innovations and/or my employer or corporate fleet owner/operator on a regular and continuous basis.
  • The information that is sent to Complete Innovations through Fleet Complete® may include information about the vehicle’s location, speed, heading and driver behaviour (including braking, turning and speeding) as well as video of the outside environment and inside the vehicle.
  • The Fleet Complete® services are separate from any other onboard services that the driver is receiving.
  • Complete Innovations is solely responsible for its use of the Fleet Complete® service and any related services, any information it accesses or collects, and any commands it sends or fails to send through such services.
  • For vehicles which are connected to Fleet Complete® via OnStar® Remote API Services add the following:
    • The information that is sent to Complete Innovations through Fleet Complete® via OnStar® may also include information about the vehicle, its features, systems, diagnostics, seat belt usage, and confirmation of Lock/Unlock/Alert Horn/Alert Lights.
    • Complete Innovations or OnStar® can send commands to the vehicle through the Fleet Complete Service or related services that may include commands to lock and unlock a Participating Vehicle, and/or alert horn and alert lights.
    • Driver agrees that OnStar and its affiliates are not responsible in any way to driver for any liability related directly or indirectly to, (a) the Remote API Services, or (b) CI’s use of the Remote API Services.